PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Learn these tricks, Ma Ma no longer worried that I was overcast by Voldemort

In the stimulating battlefield, players can be divided into several categories according to the style of the battle. One of the players is the most controversial. These players are commonly known as “Voldemort”. Such players generally have excellent patience. After finding a weapon, they will find a cool and cold place. It will be a long time, waiting for the player to attack suddenly when he passes nearby.

I believe that many players have been attacked by Voldemort players, and they are equipped with a running lap. Suddenly a person who jumped out of the roadside knocked down the signing express, this feeling must be very uncomfortable. So today we will share several ways to deal with Voldemort.

High magnification observation

What is the most common trick of Voldemort? Of course, finding a suitable grass to look inside, relying on the thick grass to cover it, is difficult to be discovered by players at a distance. So we only need to prepare a high-powered weapon. When we find out that there may be Voldemort’s position, we only need to open the double mirror and observe it to find each other in advance, and then kill him through a long-range weapon.


Some players may not be used to or even picking up throwers to use In fact, the role of throwing objects in stimulating the battlefield is very large. In many cases, the proper use of throwing objects will make it easier for you to win. In the face of Voldemort, the throwing object also has a very good effect. When you are not sure where Voldemort is hidden, throwing a few grenades will definitely make you have a windfall. If you have a burning bottle on it, it is more suitable. Any Voldemort can’t hide himself in front of you.


Many times Voldemort players like to hide in those bushes, so He can attack the passing players. But why do we have to pass by our legs? We can also drive through the vehicle, isn’t it? A suitable vehicle will provide you with a great armor cover, and no need for fear.

If you are consciously crushing the bushes or grasses that may be hidden in the middle of passing, you may be able to harvest unexpected surprises. Voldemort likes to lie on the ground, which causes them to move very slowly, and it is basically difficult to avoid the vehicles that are flying.

Enemy I Dark

If your luck is bad, the method above says you Can’t use it. Then you can only deal with it by your own skills. It is well known that Voldemort players like to kneel on the ground or kneel on the ground, which leads to a great limitation on the other’s observation field. If you find that Voldemort may exist in a certain location, you must first judge the blind spot of the other side and then move through the bunker. Give him a surprise after the other person.

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