PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: This is the correct way to open the airdrop

In the game, the grid and the bombing area can be said to be absolutely standard chickens. The two game mechanics are designed to limit the players. But there is a basic game mechanic that is to benefit the players, that is, a random random airdrop box.

Airdrop box as official The player’s welfare, which will refresh all kinds of powerful weapons and equipment, such as AWM, M249, etc. These weapons are all super-killers in the chicken, and the ultimate equipment that all players dream of. Therefore, the airdrop is often referred to by the player as “dreams”. It’s not easy to get an airdrop. Every airdrop attracts all the players around, and it represents a melee. It’s a very technical thing to get an airdrop under the eyes of many players.

Although each airdrop represents several top-level equipment, not all airdrops must be grabbed. The correct way is to judge whether you need this airdrop according to the actual situation.

The first airdrop is random The map is delivered, so sometimes the airdrop may be farther away from your position. In this case, you need to judge whether you are going to chase the air according to your position. If you are in the edge of the safe area and there are few enemies in the surrounding environment, then you can consider chasing the airdrop. If you are in the center of the map or there may be many enemies around you, then you It is necessary to consider giving up this airdrop. Because such airdrops often represent a fierce scuffle, it is easy for you to lose your life there.

In addition to the position of the airdrop Sometimes, you also need to decide whether to chase the air based on the current equipment. Although the weapon in the airdrop is the top weapon in the game, as a shooting game, the most important thing is of course the level of shooting, not the quality of the weapon.

The M416, M24 and other weapons commonly used in the game are not much worse than the weapons in the airdrop, if you find it When the airdrop is thrown, the weapons and materials on the body are ready to be fully fueled. In fact, you can choose to give up this airdrop at this time and avoid sending the equipment on your body. Of course, you can choose to observe the airdrop far and use the sniper to hit the target. It is good to actually participate in the competition for airdrops.

Of course if you are The equipment is really bad, and the airdrop is very close to you, then it is necessary to fight hard at this time. If you fight, the bicycle may become a motorcycle. If you are lucky, you can change the guns and fire the guns.

Airdrop is a good thing, but not all good things are in your hands. It is the best for you, so don’t look at the airdrops and chase them. It depends on the actual situation. After all, we are not coming to eat chickens.

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