PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Deep thoughts triggered by persuasion

Life is like a complex of countless events. When you want to solve your immediate troubles, you will always have more troubles in the process… you want to get rid of the troubles, only See through the nature of the incident and solve the problem from the root cause! Just like “persuasion” in the battlefield, as long as the two waves of opponents in the fight are going to take the ticket, is there no one fighting? According to this line of thinking, we can sum up a lot of things.

What is the most taboo of playing games? That of course is being disturbed! Every “send proposition” that comes out of the girlfriend’s mouth is a big test for myself. In the face of the question of “Is it important to stimulate the battlefield, is it important for me?”, I believe that there are countless people who have fallen under its vast pressure.

At this point, we have to find the root of the problem – why does the girlfriend ask this question? If you think of it, the answer is obvious! That is of course because the girlfriend does not play to stimulate the battlefield, and when you are playing the exciting battlefield, she is not accompanied.

In this case, wouldn’t it be nice to find someone to accompany her? Hey, the green light seems to be dazzling? I don’t think you should think about it! If you want to play games and have a girlfriend, just take her to play games and it’s not good! Even if she is just beginning to timid, all sorts of suffocating shackles are endless… Don’t dislike her! I believe that as long as you have been through for a while, you will change your opinion on her because of the lack of skin. So you can’t play games without a girlfriend?

One person can’t eat chicken, then two, two can’t do four! If you don’t have four, how many more, if you meet a big one? If you just hit the opponent, then you will have a wave of routines! It’s really impossible to make another decision, that is to turn around and run. Since it’s not beaten, it’s okay to let the other party lose the opponent?

There is no bigger brain hole, only the bigger way, sometimes the way to solve the problem is in front of you, it depends on you No pair of “eyes” can be identified!

Someone asked me a question like “squinting and talking, not afraid of being shackled?”, I can only report a smile. Is the definition of truth and swearing not always vague? Trouble you to think about it with dialectical thinking, what is true? What is fake? Everything is illusory, everything can be put down, isn’t it? So I have said so much, brother, are you still not willing to let go of the gun and let me go? ! I won’t dare to go around again next time…

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