PUBG Mobile guide Want to fish in troubled waters? You should learn the following advice techniques.

The most common battle in the turbulent battlefield is confrontation. Because of the bunker relationship, once the enemy is not killed in the game, the enemy will use various bunkers to hide, and then the two sides will form a kind of person. I don’t dare to act rashly. This kind of confrontation is very unfavorable for any player. Because of the game mechanics, the safe zone is constantly shrinking. It is very likely that there will be a situation where the location is engulfed by the grid. . Although the situation of confrontation is strange, there are always advantages and disadvantages. In short, the inferior party usually enters the grid before the advantage party, so the inferior party is the party that must first act, and the advantage party, etc. It is this opportunity to kill the inferior party.

Confrontation will not only make us lose the golden moment of running, but the intense gunshots will also attract nearby players. Come and persuade us, but friends who have a low level of things should have experienced this kind of thing. They originally came to attack, but instead they were attacked by others, and they were transformed into a wedding dress. Today we will come to you. Tell me how to scientifically persuade and let yourself get the most benefit in the process of persuasion.

In the stimulating battlefield, there are many “revenues” that can be seen and touched, such as an AWM. For example, a three-level head, but in addition to material benefits in the game, there is the concept of “information”. In my opinion, information is often as important as a weapon, and “persuasion” is what we get. The best opportunity for information.

Here is a real battle, telling everyone how to use the “persuasion” to get the most benefit.

1. First of all, when you find a battle nearby, you must learn to judge the approximate location of the crossfire. For example, if the fire is in the house or the woods, or the slope, if you can skillfully judge the approximate terrain of the enemy’s crossfire, We will be able to seize the opportunity in the next battle.

2. Since we are engaged in sneak attacks, we can’t let others attack us. We must know that the gunshots are audible. You may not only have a sneak attack, especially if we leave the case. When the scene is closer, be sure to pay attention to whether there are enemies behind us, otherwise we will be the one who was attacked. Another point is, don’t just stare at the place where the battle takes place. Look at the grass or the bunker in the place where you can see it. Don’t take it.

3. Then, after we approach and discover the target, we must not rush to shoot. The first thing we need to do is to distinguish who is the two sides who fired, because if we suddenly rushed to kill One of the enemies, but did not know where the other enemy is, and we have already exposed our position just now, and the enemy is dark, and the situation will be unfavorable to us in an instant.

4. Not every battle we need to participate in. In the face of some too intense battles, we only need to look at the number and position of the enemy, because there are only so many people in the game. According to the number of people here, the distribution of the enemy can be judged.

The above is how to persuadeThere are some ways to gain advantage for yourself. I hope that everyone can use various tactics in the game to build their own advantages and thus increase the probability of eating chicken.

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