PUBG Mobile guide M416 is no longer king? Assault rifle M762 new king debut

After the new version was launched, the family of the battlefield firearms was added to add a new member ——“the king of assault rifles>M762.

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The prototype of the M762 is an automatic rifle designed and manufactured by the Polish FB Weapons Company, using and The same 7.62mm bullet of AKM has a combination of M416 and AKM. It has four accessory positions, including muzzle, grip, magazine and double mirror, and supports three shooting modes, including single point, three bursts and fully automatic mode.

1. The M762 is a powerful assault rifle with the same assault ability as the AKM. In general, the M762 has a high level of damage, a low level of recoil, and a three-shot mode is an excellent assault rifle.

2. The M762 is the third assault rifle that uses 7.62mm bullets. Since 7.62mm is the bullet for most high-impact slamming and shooter rifles, it is strongly recommended that the buddies choose 98K, M24 or SKS as the secondary weapon.

3, M762 due to its vertical recoil, the chickens need to be specially equipped with a suitable sensitivity to perfect the gun.

Next, the shooting speed from , the rebound speed and the ballistic recoil The angle is compared with AKM and M416 for detailed on-screen comparison evaluation.

Shooting speed

When all three firearms are fully equipped, the M762 and M416 shoot the same time and are faster than the AKM. In the middle and close range of the gun and the sweeping target, the faster shooting speed can quickly make the enemy without giving the enemy a chance to counterattack.

Change speed

Similarly, in the case of full configuration, the M416 has a rebound speed of 1.5 seconds, while the M762 and AKM have a rebound rate of 2 seconds.

It is recommended here that the buddies use the “tactical change bomb” technique. “Tactical change bombs” means changing the bomb before shooting the bullets, which can shorten the time required to change the bombs. In the use of “tactical bombs”, the M762’s bombing time only takes 1.5 seconds. In addition, this technique is also applicable to other firearms~

Ballistic and recoil

M762 vs. M416

1. The M762 ballistic distribution is not as stable as M416, and the vertical recoil is higher;

2. The M762 horizontal recoil is easier to control than the M416, making the horizontal gun less difficult.;

3. The M416 bullets are evenly distributed and the output is stable. In the second half of the M762, due to the influence of the vertical recoil, the pitch of the bullets is widened. It is recommended that the chickens use the “slow and fast” rifle technique when the gun is pressed.

M762 vs. AKM

1. M762 The vertical recoil is stronger than the “old rifle lord” AKM;

2. The M762 and AKM are comparable in horizontal recoil, but overall M762 The ballistics are relatively simple;

3. If the chickens can press the AKM on the gun technique, it is not a big problem to press the M762!

Five grips contrast

For the large vertical recoil of the M762, it is recommended that the chickens choose a vertical grip or a half grip. Both grips effectively reduce vertical recoil and provide powerful hardware support for the guns!

Firearms match

In the match of firearms, two guns are recommended, namely the shooter rifle ——SKS, slamming ——M24.

Shooter rifle SKS advantages and disadvantages analysis

1. Share 7.62mm bullets with M762, no need to pick and carry other kinds of bullets;

2. SKS has high fault tolerance, can be quickly fired and has high stability. M762 remote distance sniper;

3, SKS accessories demand higher, but the shooter rifle can use most of the assault rifle accessories, reducing the difficulty of access to accessories;

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the slamming M24

1. Share 7.62mm bullets with M762, no need to pick up and carry other kinds of bullets;

2. M24 is the strongest sniper rifle currently non-airdropped. Super high damage can eliminate the enemy in an instant;

3, M24 only has a certain demand for the double mirror The rest of the accessories did not affect the performance of the firearms;

After the chickens introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the M762, did you know more about the new king? ? Welcome friends to discuss and share in the comment area~

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