PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Good horses with good saddles, the right accessories can make you invincible

As a shooting game, it is natural to have a large number of weapons and equipment. In addition to its own attributes, these weapons can also be equipped with different accessories to enhance certain weapons. Attributes make weapons more powerful and easier to manipulate.

However, there are many types of accessories for eating chicken. Each type of accessory has several different styles, according to Your own technology and needs to choose the right accessories to make your own strength to play better, today we talk about how to choose accessories.

M416 and SCAR-L

As a comprehensive attribute, the most balanced and strongest The weapon, the M416 is definitely the favorite of all players in the game. However, the comprehensive attribute mentioned here refers to the M416 in the bare gun state, but the full-featured full-featured attribute. In the fully equipped state, the recoil and firing rate of the M416 will be greatly improved, making the whole gun feel better.

The M416 can be equipped with five accessories, of which the sight and the clip do not need to be analyzed too much, so How should the muzzle, grip and stock of the gun be chosen?

First of all, the muzzle, many players may be keen on the silencer, in fact, today’s “PUBG Mobile: stimulation The role of the silencer in the Battlefield is not as strong as you think, unless there is no other choice. It is suggested that the compensator can be used with the compensator, and the flame arrester can not be used.

Next is the grip. Although the number of grips is very large, it seems to choose a lot. In fact, there are only two real choices. If your gun technology is not good enough, then choose the vertical grip to greatly reduce the vertical recoil. . If your gun technology is very good, then you can consider choosing a right angle grip, because the right angle grip can speed up your opening speed, allowing you to seize the opportunity in the strong process.

As for the last butt, the butt does not have any added state for the recoil. The left and right sides of the M416 trajectory are randomly distributed, so whether the gun holder is in use or not, the impact is not very large, and everyone does not need to be too attached to the stock.

The SCAR-L accessory selection is equivalent to the M416 mentioned above.


In the shooter rifle, which is the link, SKS is definitely the most representative and the player is the most used. One of the weapons. Compared to other flails, SKS can also equip a lot of accessories..

In previous versions, the accessories for the rifle and the assault rifle were independent, but after the version was updated The accessories for the sniper and assault rifle are already versatile, which makes it easier for players to get the flail in the full state.

As a single-shot, recoil weapon, the first thing to consider is the recoil of the weapon, the muzzle compensator It is essential. It is equally important to have a stock that can greatly improve the accuracy and stability of shooting. As for the choice of grips, there are many different options. Many old players may already be familiar with the feel and recoil of the vertical grip, so you can continue to choose the vertical grip. However, if you are new to SKS, I would recommend you to use a light grip that will make your hand feel better and more accurate.


As the most representative sniper rifle in the chicken, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar with 98K . 98K can be equipped with a small number of accessories, only the muzzle and the stock. However, due to the positioning of the firearm itself, single-shot super high damage, headshot spike. Therefore, the choice of firearm accessories may be different from other weapons. This weapon is more recommended to use a silencer than a compensator that reduces recoil. After all, a single sniper rifle has little influence on recoil. As for the choice of buttstock, many people may choose the pallet, but perhaps you can try the bullet belt, there may be accidental discovery.

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