PUBG Mobile guide Sano map cute new vehicle, open a small motorcycle romantic chicken!

After playing for so long, the chickens have to ask everyone a question. Everyone likes to drive a car on weekdays. Is it a three-wheeled motorcycle or a cool one? SUV?

In fact, the favorite of the chicken is the latest debut of the scooter, especially carrying the girl to the beach to blow, don’t mention more romance!

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Stimulating the new version of the battlefield is on the line such a “small motorbike” If you haven’t opened a little sheep yet, then let’s take a look at Sanno’s new mount with the tiger’s teeth.

Advantages of the best sheep in the race

Advantage 1: This little sheep has the best controllability of the game, and the lamb is more maneuverable than the old one. The turning radius is extremely small and there is no side slip when cornering at full speed.

Advantage 2: Because the sheep have cute and lovely front and rear fenders, the wheel’s bombardment area is only three About one-half, so in the case of being scanned by a long distance, the wheel is less likely to be exploded.

Although the little sheep is cute, there are also many precautions. How to eat chicken in Sano also requires some skill. The front row of students took the notebook and took notes carefully.

Precautions for occasional pit sheep

Note 1: The speed of the little sheep is relatively slow, and the limit speed on the flat ground is only 90. The starting speed of the little sheep is slower, so pay more attention to the opponent’s attack.

Note 2: The small sheep car is noisy and can be heard very clearly in a wide range. It is very easy to expose. Its own location.

Note 3: Due to the characteristics of the motorcycle, the player is hit by a larger area and is more likely to be shot down by the enemy.

In summary, the chicken summarizes the characteristics of the small sheep, which is probably loud and slow, but it is still difficult to prevent it from becoming the most cute vehicle!

The popular Sanno is simply a matter of minutes. When the sister is in double row, the little sheep is your sweet double. The best choice for swimming. Finally, the chicken should ask: “Miss sister, eat chicken, I drive the little sheep to take you”.

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