PUBG Mobile guide Fun and up, S4 season versatile routine

The long-awaited S4 season has already begun, and the little friends are sure to start to get the most out of it. However, there is still a very uncomfortable thing in the process of getting the points, that is, landing into a box. .

There are many factors that fall into the box, the wrong choice, the point does not find the gun, the corner meets To love…and so on. But the most important thing is to choose a point. If you want to not put it into a box, the easiest thing is to land in a no-man’s place. However, the new season will be opened, and the big guys will continue to choose the big point, and the lieutenant will grab it. Each of the unnamed rooms, like us, is very difficult to get rid of, and it’s a big deal. If you can’t beat it, you can’t make a nameless room. Just what you should do?

The answer is to choose the star sea Cough, get down to business. Since the material competition on the route is extremely fierce, the wilderness will be “seen to death” because there is no equipment. But what we need to know is that in the 3 minutes or so of the game, there will be very little transfer of large players, and we can use this to move to the unmanned place in the early stages of the game.

Since you have chosen the wilderness as the target, you must choose the road as the landing point.

I know that my friends must have questions. In fact, if you don’t choose to land in the housing area, the road is the best. The choice is because the road has a great chance to brush the car. When we are still parachuting, we can observe the road in a large area at high altitude. Once there is a car, we can land on the car directly.

Although the location of the road to find a car is not comprehensive enough, the rule of the road brush is that if it is multiple At the junction of the housing area, it can almost be said that it is necessary to brush the car. As long as we know this, we can safely jump to the road between several housing areas.

If you are in the middle of the road, don’t let go of the Jeep. Although the speed of the jeep is not the fastest, the grip and control are the best. When we are close to the road, it is super good. Maneuverability and grip ensure that we don’t roll over the wall.

Then there is no need to deliberately the principle route is too far, the time is allowed to punch the big point is the best choice, because we have fallen behind in the initial development, we must get back the rhythm as soon as possible.

At this time, the next judgment can be made according to the shrinkage circle. If the shrinkage circle is far from the route, in the case of complete firepower, it can be as close as possible to the circle and at some key positions. Card point.

There is also a very interesting place in this tactic, that is, we don’t ask for chicken, just ask for In addition to the pointsA long time away, killing the number of distances is also an important part.

So we have the finals driving, many people will definitely vomit at this time, the final ring is not afraid to be swept into a horse. Actually it is not, but in the case of a small number of people in the finals, we can make two judgments. The first one is based on the intensity of the last shot reduction. If it is very dense, then the rest is the team, if the gun god is very Sparse, that is the solitary wolf circle, and the one in the wolf circle is afraid of the exposed position, one is afraid that the firepower will not be able to sweep down, and it is not good to avoid the vehicle because of the squatting. And if it is a team facing us, we will be dead, and it will be the same as playing the top 5 (if there is a complete team in the picture, we are the third worst).

This versatile style makes it easy for us to score and is more gameplay than Voldemort. At the same time, the final score will be relatively high. After all, the running map can also add points.

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