PUBG Mobile guide What should I do if I make a mistake? Calm analysis and reversal

In the exciting battlefield, the choice of placement is very important. There are many articles on the Internet that tell us that “jumping on XXX and then transferring to XXX”, in fact, there is no problem, but these contents are usually established. On the basis of our correct selection, what should we do if we have a mistake in the selection?? Waiting for death? There has never been a serious discussion on this issue on the Internet.

With regard to fault tolerance, we must first know a few concepts. If you have serious mistakes, the enemy does not have Killing you, then we have a chance to turn over and luck is a part. There is an old saying that can explain the self-help practice very well, that is, “do things in people, things are in the sky.”

So let’s talk to you today, what to do. Here we will use a failed start to make a case for everyone to explain.

On this route, I mistakenly estimated the attraction of the military base to the enemy, selected M City as the landing point, and in the process of landing, I was interrupted by the phone of the takeaway brother, resulting in no Can fly to the target location.

It turns out that this place has landed many enemies together. The most terrible thing is that the fake garage I landed has no guns. At this time, there has been a fierce battle around, and about one and a half of the enemies have fallen. Here. Need to pay attention here, we often encounter such a scene in the game, the correct way to deal with this time is to immediately find a way to transfer to nearby points, if you can not remember the map, open the map to see, not shameful.

Because the battle between the enemies was very fierce, I didn’t care about it at all. As a result, I used this opportunity to escape directly.

Just as I was proud, the scene of horror appeared. An enemy turned over the window from the building I was about to enter… Maybe the enemy is not attentive now, there is no first time to kill us, and the enemy’s effort We quickly entered the house. Remember that in the face of enemies with guns, our only chance is to enter the house.

The result was unfortunate, just a spray under the sole of the foot, and turned back to take a cool shot and take it away.

After solving the most serious survival problem, as the captain, the most important thing is to immediately reorganize the team. Once the teammates are placed on the enemy by the enemy, the survival rate is very low, and the development of the group will be much higher, which can just make up for it. We were entangled with the enemy in the early days.

Here I will tell you a little trick, that is, the position of the circle. Just now, we have confronted the team, and during the confrontation, there are many cars driving from nearby, so we can judge, Our direction is the most direction of the enemy, but as the shrinking circle begins, we have not had much time to adjust the angle of the circle.

At this time, you have to move your mind, especially if the finals are still a hillside. Do not rush hard. The most important thing is to circumvent the enemy forces and then touch the mountains. Going to the position.

Note here that to get off early, the sound of the vehicle will attract the attention of all enemies and expose our whereabouts. This practice is fatal on the hillside without cover.

In the end, our team made a second place because of a mistake in the gun, but it was very The beginning of the failure, this is already a pretty good result. Everyone will be the same in the future. Once you make mistakes, you should learn to calmly analyze and make the most correct choices.

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