PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: a perfect gun, even if it is badly changed, it is still the player’s favorite

“Irritation Battlefield” is the most popular escape game in the Chinese market, and is loved by fans. Even many people abandoned “PUBG Mobile” to play “Stimulus Battlefield”, especially for some players who are not very capable. It should be much simpler than “Puzzle Battlefield” compared to “PUBG Mobile”, but the experience in the game is Not much difference.

As everyone knows, if a game is too difficult, it will make the player lose interest in it, and not every player can make the game playful, so say Some players who play games are not so powerful, “Stimulus Battlefield” is a better choice.

In the Stimulus Battlefield, the discussion of gun equipment should be the hottest topic.

Today, let’s talk about it, it’s a perfect gun. It’s M416. In the “Stimulus Battlefield”, M416 is very good in every aspect. Yes, whether it is melee, medium war, or far-off M416, it can be easily handled. In the game, it has always been regarded as a “gun”. Although it is too strong and has been officially changed, it is still a player. The favorite gun.

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