PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: a comprehensive analysis of the advantages of first-person and third-person, which one do you use?

Stimulate the battlefield as a mainstream shooting game, the model is divided into first-person perspective and third-person perspective. The third person mode is on the line when the game is online. It is also the most familiar after playing for a long time. The first person is online for a slightly late time. Players who have not played FPS games are not used to the restricted perspective. These two modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two modes.

Let’s talk about the third person mode first. We look at the person in the lower right from the perspective of the third person. We can look around 360 degrees. The simple point is that there is a camera around you. This pattern of characters hiding behind the bunker can also be observed through the small eyes on the right hand side. The flexible use of bunkers and visions allows you to see enemies without the enemy seeing you.

Stimulating the battlefield

The widening of the field of vision is the biggest advantage of the third person, and of course the disadvantage. Because of the vision, LYB Voldemort can go rampant, playing the third person needs to be careful. Especially in the finals, the fight between Voldemort.

The first person mode is like a game character whose eyes are cameras and can only see one piece in front. In this mode, the role of the small eyes on the right hand is almost zero. The angle of view is low, and people always feel that the characters in the game are moving forward. I don’t know if it is an illusion or what speed of movement is fast. There is another point when driving, especially when the thief is irritating.

Stimulating the battlefield

The limitation of the field of vision killed the Voldemort because nothing could be seen under one squat, so the first person was more of a hard-fired gun. Exercise gunfare, it is said that the stability of the shooting has become higher.

Stimulating the battlefield

In general, getting used to nature, playing more naturally will foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. You guys like to play that mode?

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