PUBG Mobile guide stimulates the battlefield to create a new large guide

As a perfect copy of the mobile game, PUBG Mobile· exciting battlefield is undoubtedly the most popular FPS (shooting plus survival game). If you are planning to choose a large living sandbox with FPS mobile games, Then PUBG Mobile· stimulating the battlefield is naturally your best choice. So how do you actually change from a new to a big god in this game?

If you want to be a god in this game, you can only rely on your own skills to become stronger. Become the king of the battlefield and eat the god of chicken.

In the game, players usually use four rows as the benchmark. The double row is more suitable for the black ones. The single row is more suitable for individual live ammunition drills, while the four rows are the most tested players. The comprehensive ability ranking system

This issue will also start from the fourth row, to introduce some basic skills for you to do

As a newcomer, after carefully passing the novice tutorial, it is important to remember that the map in the upper right corner (usually) is the most important for you. Things, click to open, there will be some locations in this map, please also remember new, remember the island of P City, the desert Picado, the rainforest training base, the three locations of these three maps are Mengxin Forbidden zone. Please do not choose this as a drop point. Secondly, the information that the map can give you is the heading of the aircraft. Don’t think that the area you first entered is only for waiting. It is used to confirm the most basic map information. The heading of the aircraft is confirmed according to the heading. The drop point, as Mengxin, if there is a mark on the map, then there is a drop point chosen by the teammates. Teammate punctuation is one of the most important information for you, which will be mentioned in detail later. Finally, considering that Mengxin usually has few fixed teams, it is necessary to talk less and learn more at the initial location. When there is no communication in the team, you can choose to play wild. If there is a fixed team, then follow the teammate’s footsteps and do a good job in the team’s mobile four-level package.

After the preparation of the initial location is completed, it is skydiving, Raiders online There is already a lot of relevant knowledge. Here is a brief mention. The players who are eager to pick up the equipment quickly will usually choose to face down and then the body will be perpendicular to the ground, that is, the speed before opening the umbrella will be maximized. 234, after the umbrella is opened, the rocker slides up to reach the fastest 180, so that the fast landing can be seized, and the player who pursues the farthest distance will gliding the target in the head direction, usually the farthest. The distance is around 1350km.

Ok, the above is the whole content of this Raiders, we will see you next time

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