Roller Splat Guide(Voodoo)

Roller Splat! is Voodoo’s latest attempt to keep you glued to your phone. It’s like a combination of Pinball and Splatoon, with you guiding a ball around a variety of different levels, covering them in a specific colour of paint.

In practice, there are only a handful of levels, but you’ll complete them over and over again as you attempt to perfect your path through them. Manage to nail the number of moves required in a set amount of time, and you’ll get a perfect rating. Get a few of them and you’ll fly up the leaderboards.

That’s the aim of Roller Splat! – to climb as high as you possibly can in the leaderboards. If you want to make it to the top, you’re either going to have to play for ages or get good and quick.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks that we picked up while playing to make your time with the game more fruitful.

Roller Splat! Tips and Tricks:

  1. There are only a set number of levels: Though the levels will eventually climb into the hundreds, there are only actually a handful of levels. These are repeated over and over, so pay attention.
  2. Memorise the perfect path through them: Why pay attention? Well, so you can memorise the perfect path through them of course. That’s what’s going to give you the best score, after all, so try and remember what you did when you complete a complicated level.
  3. Try and pick up as many perfects as possible: We climbed the ranks faster when we managed to chain perfects together. It’s tricky to know exactly how the game tracks the leaderboard as there are no visual indicators.
  4. Perfects seem to involve picking the most optimal route as fast as possible: Perfects aren’t just about picking the most optimal route, it seems – you also have to be fast. So while we’d argue that accuracy is key here, being fast is equally important.
  5. Try and avoid covering the same ground twice: A good rule of thumb is to avoid covering the same ground twice, as that’s not exactly optimal. Plot a route that doesn’t involve painting the same piece of ground more than once. You can travel over a single painted piece no problem though.
  6. Plan ahead: We had more luck when we planned ahead. Just take a look at the course quickly and consider how you can get through it optimally. Just don’t take too long!
  7. Perseverance is key: Ultimately, you’re here to have fun, so don’t spend a bunch of time obsessing over it. Instead, just keep playing. You’ll climb the ranks eventually!
  8. Swipe accurately: Speed is important, but if you miss-swipe you’ll fail your perfect run right away. So we recommend just taking that extra split second to make sure you swipe accurately.

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