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How many levels for Color Bump 3D?

Color bump newcomer Compared with the casual gameplay, the screen uses the bump 3D design. These bumps will be the hardest part of the game. The game starts with the player needing to manipulate a white ball and escort the ball to the finish line. Very simple game, each level of difficulty is different, the difficulty is gradually increased, control the white ball, while moving forward, avoid obstacles. How to play color Color bump novice Raiders [multiple pictures] picture 2 There are a ...... More

How to play Color Bump 3D? Color Bump 3D Guide

How to play Color Bump 3D? This physical mechanism of the pinball game is brought to the player. In the game, the 3D effect is used for the player to play. In the game, the physical ball is controlled to take risks in different theme scenes, and it takes a lot of hard work to finally succeed. To the end, the victory belongs to you! [game features] 1. Eliminate the obstacles on the path in the game, and bring the game engine of the physical collision to the player; 2, each level is transf ...... More

Color Bump 3D Guide color bump 3D Summary?

Color Bump 3D Guide? The game starts with a white ball. The finger presses the screen to control the speed and direction of the white ball. Here, the finger slides fast, the ball moves fast, and the movement speed of the ball can be controlled during the game. To achieve the goal of clearance, the area where the white ball moves is the white area in front, and it hangs when it touches other colors. In addition to the stationary objects in the game, you will also use non-stop moving ...... More

Color Bump 3D Guide Color Bump 3D for all Levels

Color Bump 3D Guide. Color Bump 3D is a fun physical marble type mobile game. There are a number of levels in the game. Below is a small series for everyone to introduce Color Bump 3D. Color Bump 3D Raiders In the game we can experience the most convenient and exciting game operation, we can control a small ball to constantly hit these interesting squares to complete the final challenge. And as long as you reach your destination, the gameplay is very interesting, let us experience it tog ...... More

Experience for Drive and Park for one miniute


Dirve And Park How to get new car?Drive and Park Guide

Drive and Park Guide. How to get a parking car: The game is set to take a new car every time you pass. Rare vehicle drift base points are higher, if the car before the pump will increase the car’s drift score. But as its bad level design, after watching other user reviews, it was found that the card is very simple (there is almost no vehicle to reach the base of 40 after ten passes) This should be a random allocation method that distributes the vehicle exactly according to the weig ...... More

Drive and Park How to parking?newer Guide for Drive and Park

Drive and Park game novice parking tips to share: Side-direction parking is a must-have skill for the driver, but there aren’t many people in the downtown drift parking, and “Parking Daren” makes it easy. You just have to press and hold to start drifting, turning around, and releasing the brakes. It can be stabilized when the car is parked in an empty parking space. How to park the Drive and Park game? Novice parking tips share Pressing too late or too early will lead t ...... More

Drive and Park Guide newest

Introduction to Drive and Park: 1) Side parking is a must-have skill for the driver. However, there are not many people who can drift in the downtown area. You only need to press and start to drift, turn around, release the brakes, and then you can stop the car in the empty parking space. . 2) Pressing too early will press the line too late and the line will be too early to stop. Anyway, there will be a cute police uncle to tell you that the game over is too late, a little to the road. T ...... More

Drive and Park guide ?how to play Drive and Park?

Drive and Park guide Drive and Park game details: “Drive and Park” is a simulation game launched by SayGames. It is not a simulation racing game because it is full of all kinds of racing elements, but it has nothing to do with racing. Correlation, on the contrary, how to draw a beautiful drift curve is the key to achieving high scores in Drive and Park. Is the Drive and Park game fun? The “Drive and Park” screen is very simple, players will travel around the wor ...... More

Drive and Park Guide for newer | Drive and Park Guide

Drive and Park Guide How to play ‘Drive and Park’, ‘Drive and Park’ is a popular mini-game for simulating parking. I believe that many small partners have already downloaded and experienced the game. For Mengxin, it is very easy to get started with this game. The following small series will explain to you. Parking up to novice introduction Raiders. Parking Master Getting Started Raiders Side-direction parking is a must-have skill for the driver. However, there are ...... More