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PUBG Mobile guide The Evolution of Low-KD Players! All-round Enhancing Combat Capabilities

High Play Fire 1V4, God level body perfect anti-containment! The wonderful operation screens of these great gods are the enlightened gods of “PUBG Mobile”. So how can we like those anchors have the same aggressive shooting style as and ? ? The following provides planning for for advanced player self-training. [Golfing training] 1 entertainment mode In the limited-time open war mode, the 8-minute inning speed battlefield has ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Stable as a dog, the top ten is not a dream

Are you still worrying about being a little gun and eating chicken? Are you still resentful for repeatedly getting mad to throw you crazy mobile phone? It does not matter, it does not matter, this “Wen will baby” for everyone to dissect the true “stroke of water”, let you bid farewell to repeated discrepancies and become an intraday “box”, life is never lost again, chicken is no longer a gun Daydreaming, putting up saliva, wiping a nose, and followin ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide What does the recoil mean? Recoil analysis

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield,” I believe the players most frequently encounter the firearms problem, while The problem that is most likely to be overcome is probably the fire recuperation when firearms . In the game, in addition to opening the bolt , the assault rifle and the shooter’s rifle will fire for firearms. Recoil and affect the accuracy of the firing, then how does the recoil force occur? How many recoil? How to deal with recoi ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide is surrounded by panic, a few tips to help you kill

In the exciting battlefield of PUBG Mobile, many players face an embarrassing situation that is surrounded by enemies , none paths can be gone. What should we do if we after If the player is surrounded by many opponents > , try the following ! 1. If the player is forced into a house on the edge of a safe area by the enemy, four people are present When the safety zone is about to be reduced, it is recommended that players first go outside the s ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide to sort out ideas and strive to make a winner

Stimulating the buddies of the battlefield Hello, I believe Since stimulated the battlefield to go on line I have made continuous efforts to improve both the marksmanship and tactics. However, we have not found that with the advancement of divisions, it is becoming easier to enter the finals, but it is getting harder and harder to eat chicken. It was felt that “This is definitely stable” was destroyed by enemy who did not know where to come from. This also prove ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Submachine gun damage changes analysis! The current version UMP9 can get started?

Concerned about over-version Players who have made changes to the news are aware that the current versions of the firearms have received different damage boosts. However, because of the lack of understanding of the data, many players cannot understand how this change will affect the firearms. Here we have brought the data analysis in the game for everyone, to see how the UMP9 attribute in the submachine gun! The UMP9 submachine gun has always been called the submachine ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide takes you to rule Picardy!

Although Picardo was not the largest number of homes in the Passion Desert, its supplies have always been the dream of all players. It has a lot of refreshing points for advanced materials, and the amount of materials is very strong, so many players choose to jump in order to quickly shape their own equipment. There is also a big hidden danger behind Picardo’s longing for people. High, once the landing position is not good, it immediately becomes a box. Now we have an ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Assault Readers! Mainstream Assault Rifle Damage and Performance Summary

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield,” the most indispensable weapon is the non-assault rifle. The assault rifle is extremely strong in its overall performance. High-powered mirrors can be used to attack medium and long-range targets, and low-powered mirrors can be used to attack at close range. This is why you can not have a AWM in the game, but you must not have an AKM or M416. Let’s take a closer look at the damage and performance data that can be caused by t ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide is dead, the cemetery hunger strike wild tactics

In the stimulating battlefield desert map, although there is a point with a name and a surname, it is inefficient because the material is collected, and it is not seen by many players. That’s the cemetery! But as long as the players who are good at observing think a little, will find The cemetery is not so unbearable. The site of the first graveyard is relatively located at the center of the map, so in many cases, our lap The pressure is not very great. Secon ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Single City P City Roof Run Guide

In the stimulating battlefield, single-player is the most important test for player awareness and operation . Here we provide you with a single player P. City Parkour flow play, I hope everyone likes it. P City has never had a shortage of warfare. In the single mode, P City’s The battle was less fierce, and there was a little more horror. How to live in P City, a life-threatening city, became the first problem faced by players. Before using this tactic, ...... More