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Stitcher Radio-Can I still listen to Stitcher or is it shutting down?-[Stitcher Radio]

There are no plans to shut down Stitcher. You’ll still be able to listen to your favorite shows and podcasts, and we’ll continue to improve our mobile and web apps. For more information about Midroll’s acquisition of Stitcher, check out our blog: More

Stitcher Radio-Will my Stitcher Plus account change?-[Stitcher Radio]

Your Stitcher Plus account will be unaffected. You’ll be able to enjoy ad-free listening just as you did before! (You’ll still hear any ads that were placed in the audio feed by the podcasters themselves). For more information about Midroll’s acquisition of Stitcher, check out our blog: 2017 update: Please note Stitcher Plus is now Stitcher Premium! Learn more about Stitcher Premium here. More

Stitcher Radio-Will my favorite shows still be available on Stitcher?-[Stitcher Radio]

Of course! Stitcher isn’t planning to remove any shows from our catalog as a result of this acquisition. You’ll be able to find all the awesome content you could before. For more information about Midroll’s acquisition of Stitcher, check out our blog: More

Stitcher Radio-Midroll Acquisition – Initial Questions [6-6-2016]-[Stitcher Radio]

It鈥檚 an exciting day for Stitcher! On Monday, June 6, we announced that podcast industry leader Midroll Media is acquiring Stitcher. Midroll is a podcast production company and advertising network that is changing the face of digital audio. It is the parent company of the Earwolf network and its top-ranked comedy podcasts; the Howl premium subscription service, available at and via apps for iOS and Android; and the Midroll advertising network, representing over 200 of the world鈥檚 ...... More

Stitcher Radio-Can I speak to someone about an idea I have as a partner?-[Stitcher Radio]

To add your podcast to Stitcher, please start with our onboarding form. Be sure you have a working, verified RSS feed before you begin! If your show is already on Stitcher, and you have an idea about a special promotion or feature, you can email our Content & Partnerships team here: Please note that this is not a customer support email address! If you are a listener and you need assistance, please start with ...... More

Stitcher Radio-Sign Up Error Message: Email already in use-[Stitcher Radio]

We apologize for the confusion. This error occurs when someone tries to create a partner account using the same email address as their existing Stitcher listener account. To proceed past that error message when submitting your show, use your user email address and enter your user password in both the password / confirm password fields. If you’re still having trouble, please use a different email address to create your Stitcher partner account. Thank you. More

Stitcher Radio-Partner Portal – Can’t log in?-[Stitcher Radio]

If you are unable to log in to the Stitcher Partner Portal, please ensure that you have registered your Partner account with a different email address than any existing Listener account. If your Partner account is registered to a different email address than your Listener account, but you are still getting an error message when attempting to log in to the Partner Portal, please try clicking this link ensure that you do not have an active sessio ...... More

Stitcher Radio-I’m a Stitcher Partner, and I need help!-[Stitcher Radio]

Stitcher maintains a dedicated partner support system, integrated into our Partner Portal. You can access partner support by clicking the "FAQ" link at the top of your Partner Portal page, or just click here! You will need to be logged in to your Stitcher partner account to view the FAQ and submit support requests. More

Stitcher Radio-I’m having trouble submitting my RSS feed on Stitcher?-[Stitcher Radio]

We run feeds through a validator before we can accept shows and add them to our platform. Please try submitting your RSS feed here and once there are no errors, try our application process again. If the validator returns no errors and you’re still unable to submit your podcast to Stitcher, please contact our Content Team at: and provide us with your RSS feed. We apologize for any trouble and look forward to working with you! The Stitc ...... More

Stitcher Radio-How do I share a show or episode on Android?-[Stitcher Radio]

While you are listening to a show, Stitcher lets you instantly share the episode you’re listening to with your friends via Facebook post, tweet, email, even pin it by tapping the triangle icon on the upper right corner (next to the menu that displays your upcoming playlist) on the now playing page. The triangle icon will display a drop down menu that will give you the option to share the episode you’re currently listening to with your social sharing apps that are loaded on y ...... More

Stitcher Radio-I submitted my show to Stitcher, but I haven’t heard back yet. What’s up?-[Stitcher Radio]

Thank you for submitting your show to Stitcher! We look forward to working with you. We review and program each show on Stitcher so it can take up to 2 weeks for your show to be approved.You will receive an email when your show is up and running. That email will provide you with all your Stitcher account info. More

Stitcher Radio-How do I share an episode on iOS?-[Stitcher Radio]

To share an episode, tap on it to reveal the share icon with the arrow pointing upward. Tap this, then select how you would like it to be shared. More

Stitcher Radio-Why should I add my show to Stitcher?-[Stitcher Radio]

Stitcher is the leading mobile audio platform, encouraging users to discover the best of news, entertainment, sports and talk radio – anytime, anywhere. By distributing your show on Stitcher, you immediately receive a number of benefits. These include: Mobile & Auto Distribution- Stitcher allows content providers a way to deliver their content to an even broader mobile and in-car audience. Increased Audience – Distributing your show on Stitcher helps to build awareness a ...... More

Stitcher Radio-What is Sharing?-[Stitcher Radio]

If you are listening to a show and you believe others would enjoy or appreciate it, Stitcher enables to share the show with them. You can Tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, or share via an email. More

Stitcher Radio-I produce a podcast. How do I get my show on Stitcher?-[Stitcher Radio]

We would love to add your show to Stitcher! Our app is a great way to expand your show’s reach, find new listeners and give your fans more flexibility in how they hear your show. Getting your show on Stitcher is simple. First, you’ll need to set up an RSS feed for your podcast (if you haven’t already). Please validate your RSS feed using this feed validation service to ensure compatibility: Once you’ve validated your RSS feed, compl ...... More