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Sync.ME-How to delete your Sync.ME account and uninstalling the app?-[Sync.ME]

If you decide to remove the app, we’re sorry to see you go :/ Feel free to send us any feedback or questions you might have so we can work on improving the app. Follow the instructions below to delete your ME Card and Sync.ME account and to uninstall the app from your device. To remove your Sync.ME account: Go to your deviceSettingsand open theApplication Manager. Find Sync.ME and press "Clear Data". To delete the app from your phone: ...... More

Sync.ME-How do I contact you regarding business development or press inquirie?-[Sync.ME]

For business development or press inquiries, please contact More

Sync.ME-What is background sync?-[Sync.ME]

What is Background Sync? Background sync automatically syncs your contacts in the background, without having to press the Sync button. This is available only with iOS 7.0 or higher. When and how often does Background Sync occur? Background sync occurs a maximum of once a day, according to Apple’s policy, where there is minimal usage of 3G and battery. The app does need to be open in the background for it to operate. Sometimes it gets triggered when con ...... More

Sync.ME-How to remove your phone number ?-[Sync.ME]

Sync.ME is a community based phonebook made up of publicly available information and Sync.ME users’ crowdsourced data. Our app ensures that users have the most relevant and current information about their phone calls and contacts. In order to remove your information from our service please opt-out using the following link: This will remove all information regarding your phone number and also block it from our service in the future. More

Sync.ME-Do you offer multi-language support?-[Sync.ME]

At this time, our support questions are written in English. In order to provide you the best support, we will also respond to your requests in English. We apologize for any inconvenience. More

Sync.ME-What types of subscriptions does Sync.ME offer?-[Sync.ME]

Sync.ME has multiple subscription options to choose from starting as low as $2.99 per month and $4.99 per month. $5.99 per 6 months and $9.99 and $19.99 per year. Sync.ME also offers a free trial of the Premium features for 7 and 30 days. Sync.ME offers you subscriptions with the following Premium features: Pro Caller ID – Unlock full contact information when you search for a phone number who called you. Background Sync – Syncs and updates your contacts automatically. Merge ...... More

Sync.ME-Where is our data from?-[Sync.ME]

Sync.ME’s database is made up of publicly available phone directories and Sync.ME user crowd sourcing ! Sync. ME database is constantly growing and getting smarter with each day. A number you search for today that provides no results, could be reported into the database tomorrow. Our database reacts in real-time to our users’ reporting and tagging, allowing us to expand the database on a daily basis. As well, numbers change owners frequently, and our users often help create a ...... More

Sync.ME-Is there a phone number I can call to reach Sync.ME?-[Sync.ME]

At this time, Sync.ME is unable to offer support by telephone. The best way to reach us is by sending us a request through the Sync.ME application or on the web. To send us an in-app request: Android: Open the left side menu>Support>Type In Your Message>Report a New Issue iOS: Settings tab>Help>Search For What You Are Looking For >Contact Us>Send Message More

Sync.ME-How can I purchase Sync.ME premium through iTunes?-[Sync.ME]

Below are the steps for purchasing the Premium from iTunes. From the Contacts tab, press "Backup" or "Merge". Press the "Buy" button on the bottom right. You will be prompted to sign in again to iTunes. Once signed in, you can press "Buy" to confirm the purchase or "Cancel" to cancel this request. When the purchase is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation notification. ...... More

Sync.ME-Lost contacts during merge – how do I track them down?-[Sync.ME]

Contacts which are merged are combined into one new contact. When a new contact is saved, the "old" contacts are removed from their original source. This behavior is due to Apple policy.Therefore contacts that were merged are located in another source where they were saved. Suggestions to view the new merged contacts: 1. Check the device settings to see which source is chosen to save new contacts. Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars,>Contacts>Default Account If t ...... More