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What’s food to eat for the guests?旅かえる Guide

Many players are not very clear, 旅かえる series of small animals to eat what? Hello snail bee feed what is good? So the game birds Xiaobian bring 旅かえる related Raiders issue, take a look at it! 旅かえる series of small animals to eat what? 旅かえる When you are playing, your little friends often find that there are small animals in the door, and you have to be a good friend for small friends. Sometimes you can send more than 3 lottery tickets and all kinds of clover. If you play it ...... More

旅かえる Guide | Which food is snails love to eat in the game 旅かえる?

Snails are used to deliver mail at 旅かえる Games, while snails Of the food is usually given to the players as a food, then 旅かえる snails love to eat? Snail feeding food summary list! Let’s have a look! 旅かえる snails love to eat Pepper (this, heavy mouth it) Cabbage Onions Garlic Scallion   Rice (Originally, there was a water that did not know what it was like, the snail originally liked it, but maybe it was an update.) And other reasons for not knowing it, the snai ...... More