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Arcane Online-[Disconnection] I keep getting disconnected, what happens?-[Arcane Online]

There are many reasons why you may get disconnected from the server. Arcane Online is an online game and requires a permanent connection established with the game server. If you lose the signal, or your IP changes (in case you don’t have a Static IP especially), or your connection is not stable, or you switch between a Wifi and Mobile connection, you may get disconnected from the server. You may also get disconnected if our hosting partners experience technical difficulti ...... More

Arcane Online-[Lag] The game is lagging a lot, can you fix it?!-[Arcane Online]

MMORPGs, which require a permanent connection between the game client and the game server at any moment, are a type of games that can often be subject to the so-called "lags". However "lag" can be caused by a number of factors and often falls into one of the two categories below: 1- it can be network related (latency): all your actions in-game connect to the game server which is located in Amazon AWS (USA West/East coast, or Germany). Thus there can be some lag ...... More

Arcane Online-[Server] Is the server under maintenance, or down, or else?-[Arcane Online]

Arcane Online is a massively multiplayer game and the back-end infrastructure to make this works is quite complex. As a result we will regularly do server maintenances, but it can happen also that the server is down (so far we had one long downtime on the North American Chaos server after 1 month of service). So how to make the difference? Server Maintenances Regular server maintenances will be announced in-game the day before usually, with an in-game notice image, a news in ...... More

Arcane Online-[CRICKET USERS] Code 3 error, 0MB patch, can’t play on mobile data-[Arcane Online]

In the past months, we received some reports from players who received a Code 3 Error while trying to play using a mobile data network, and having a 0MB patch download. The app can’t be played on mobile data and eventually when they get back a Wi-Fi network, they have to redownload 1GB files. We figured that all the users who reported this problem are using the carrier "Cricket" in North America. However we are not sure why this happens with this particular carrier. Hav ...... More

Arcane Online-Why do I see the price of Rubies in JPY?-[Arcane Online]

The Android and iOS support most of the major currencies available. However in case your local currency is not supported at the moment, the price will be displayed in Japanese Yen (JPY) by default since Gala Inc is a company incorporated in Tokyo, Japan. More

Arcane Online-How do I avoid accidental Ruby purchases?-[Arcane Online]

Arcane Online is free to play, however you may want to purchase some Rubies in the in-app premium shop to help you in your progress. In order to avoid accidental in-app purchases in Arcane Online, you will need to adjust your Google Pay Store settings. You can follow the 4 steps below: 1. Access the Google Play Store 2. Enter the "Settings" menu. 3. Go to "User Controls" and activate "Use password to restrict purchases". 4. Enter and co ...... More

Arcane Online-What is Mariano Legacy Package?-[Arcane Online]

Mariano Legacy Packageis a special in-app product is limited to 1 purchase per account ! Upon purchase, you will receive the following items and 1,200 VIP points: Legendary Legacy Wing(Power: 1,666) 500 Rubies 2 Huge Bags of Gold(Total: 200K Gold) You will receive a Legacy Chest when you buy the package, the chest contains Legendary Legacy Wings (Power: 1,666)specific to your class (see below). The followings are unique characteristics of the Mariano Legacy W ...... More

Arcane Online-What are the stats of the Angel Wings-[Arcane Online]

The Angel Wings Legacy Chestis a special in-appproduct limited to 1 purchase per character! Upon purchase, you will receive 1,600 VIP points: and a chest that contains Relic Angel Wings for your class (Power: 2,509) that can be equipped in the Legacy slot. To players who purchased the Mariano Wings in the past and purchase the Angel Wings: contact us via the Help section and we will send you 400 Rubies (avg cost of the Mariano wings). Like the Mariano Legacy Win ...... More

Arcane Online-[iOS] I made a purchase but didn’t receive the Rubies/items?-[Arcane Online]

We receive a few messages from time to time of players who made a purchase in the Apple Store but didn’t receive the corresponding Rubies or items (which actually never happens on Android). So we investigated it with the developers, and this is how payments work for iOS: we receive a receipt by Apple after a payment is successful, which is stored in your device once the item is received the receipt is deleted however from time to time we didn’t receive the receipt from A ...... More

Arcane Online-[IP issue] My IP address is not recognized, I can’t play…-[Arcane Online]

[As of November 2016, there is no more IP block, so this message is now irrelevant] For several reasons, you can only play Arcane Online if your IP address is from one of the countries where the game is being distributed and available in the app store. Here are the countries where Arcane Online is live: – North America, Central and South America (New Sept ’16) – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines – Europe *If you are ...... More

Arcane Online-What is the VIP level and how can I increase it?-[Arcane Online]

The VIP system is a way to give extra rewards and benefits to players who purchase Rubies in the Shop, as a way to thank them for their support and keeping the service alive 馃檪 Your VIP level is based on the amount of Rubies and Funds you purchased in the Premium Shop. Once you reach the required threshold, your VIP level will increase automatically. For instance, the first levels are – VIP 1: 10 Rubies, – VIP 2: 150 Rubies, – VIP 3: 500 Rubies, ...... More

Arcane Online-[Update] I can’t update to the latest version!?-[Arcane Online]

We are not sure yet why sometimes some players may not get the Update Notice window when a new version is released, although it could just be a delay in the distribution of the Update across Google servers worldwide (all games may face this issue from time to time). Anyway i f you do not get the Update Notice from the Play Store while in-game, to fix it update the apps individually or in bulk using the Google Play Store app on your mobile device: Open the Google Play Store a ...... More

Arcane Online-[Social] How can I add new Allies?-[Arcane Online]

You can add new allies from different ways: – by tapping on a character in the game world and selecting "Add as Ally" in the vertical menu, – by tapping a character name in the chat window and selecting "Add Ally" in the vertical menu, – by going to Social > My Allies or Suggestions > Add Ally, and entering the character name, – after clearing a dungeon, you are suggested to add the group members as Ally. Usually the first two optio ...... More

Arcane Online-[GUILD WAR] I keep getting killed! What the ******!-[Arcane Online]

The Guild War mechanism is one of the core systems in Arcane Online, which does offer a lot of PvP/PK content at high level. During the Guild War, all open world zones are free PvP between the 2 guilds, while only cities and instances zones are safe havens (Dungeons, Giants Den, Temple of Trials, Rebel Hideout, PvP Arena, etc). Note: as of July 13th, kills in Guild War do not count toward the PK titles, which are supposed to be achieved via PK Kills not PvP Kills in Guild War. ...... More

Arcane Online-[Guild] Our Guild Leader is inactive, what can we do?-[Arcane Online]

In case your Guild Leader is inactive for several days and hasn’t transferred the guild leadership or informed the Guild Officers or Members, please contact us and inform us of the situation. Generally speaking, we would wait for the game system to transfer the leadership automatically, as follows: After the guild leader has been inactive for two weeks Transferred to the Officer with the highest honor If this Officer is also inactive for 2 weeks, transfer to the next Officer ...... More