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How many levels for Color Bump 3D?

Color bump newcomer Compared with the casual gameplay, the screen uses the bump 3D design. These bumps will be the hardest part of the game. The game starts with the player needing to manipulate a white ball and escort the ball to the finish line. Very simple game, each level of difficulty is different, the difficulty is gradually increased, control the white ball, while moving forward, avoid obstacles. How to play color Color bump novice Raiders [multiple pictures] picture 2 There are a ...... More

How to play Color Bump 3D? Color Bump 3D Guide

How to play Color Bump 3D? This physical mechanism of the pinball game is brought to the player. In the game, the 3D effect is used for the player to play. In the game, the physical ball is controlled to take risks in different theme scenes, and it takes a lot of hard work to finally succeed. To the end, the victory belongs to you! [game features] 1. Eliminate the obstacles on the path in the game, and bring the game engine of the physical collision to the player; 2, each level is transf ...... More

Color Bump 3D Guide color bump 3D Summary?

Color Bump 3D Guide? The game starts with a white ball. The finger presses the screen to control the speed and direction of the white ball. Here, the finger slides fast, the ball moves fast, and the movement speed of the ball can be controlled during the game. To achieve the goal of clearance, the area where the white ball moves is the white area in front, and it hangs when it touches other colors. In addition to the stationary objects in the game, you will also use non-stop moving ...... More

Color Bump 3D Guide Color Bump 3D for all Levels

Color Bump 3D Guide. Color Bump 3D is a fun physical marble type mobile game. There are a number of levels in the game. Below is a small series for everyone to introduce Color Bump 3D. Color Bump 3D Raiders In the game we can experience the most convenient and exciting game operation, we can control a small ball to constantly hit these interesting squares to complete the final challenge. And as long as you reach your destination, the gameplay is very interesting, let us experience it tog ...... More