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Fishdom-Level 757 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

This level may seem quite complicated as the amount of available moves is not big. Try to use them wisely and collect power-ups with every move – there are only pieces of 4 colors on this level so collecting explosives will be easy. Destroying as much ice as you can will let you collect the plates a lot quicker. Combo-explosions will be extremely helpful as they clear more space on the field and charge the Lightning faster. Also, don’t forget about the Lightning-match – ...... More

Fishdom-Level 756 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

As level 756 is timed, you cannot waste any second making matches there! Matched a few pieces, and now new ones take their time falling down? Don’t wait for them – play in a different part of the field. Don’t see any matches near the tiles you were trying to destroy? Turn your attention to a different area. This way you won’t waste any time and will easily get through the level. Keep a close eye on the field, as it is essential that you do not miss a chance to cre ...... More

Fishdom-Level 557 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

Level 557 is not as hard as it seems. On this level you need to focus on getting power-ups in order to destroy the coral and granite tiles. It is quite easy to get power-ups on this level because there are pieces of only four colors here. We also advise you to not match pieces near corals that you can’t destroy. When the corals are destroyed, use your power-ups to get rid of the granite tiles. Eventually, the granite tiles will fall down and the golden tiles will appear. It is als ...... More

Fishdom-Level 445 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

You need to be really careful on level 445. There are bombs hidden in the crates in the top part of the field, and we would recommend exploding them one by one as this would allow the bombs to go through the portals. Then, once all the portals have been cleared and the game has moved to the bottom part of the field, don’t forget about the oil in the top part of the field. If you do not try to contain it, it can block the portals’ entrances and stop the game altogether. ItR ...... More

Fishdom-Level 426 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

Bombs and other power-ups are particularly effective on level 426. Always aim to match four or more pieces at once to create additional bombs. Do not rush into using the bombs though – try to get a couple of power-ups close to each other and activate them in a single move. This will clear more space and will charge the Lightning power-up faster. It is also possible to get to match two Lightnings on this level if you are lucky, so keep an eye on that! And don’t try to destroy all th ...... More

Fishdom-Level 414 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

The best advice for level 414 would be to try and move the granite to the bottom of the field. This way you will clear enough space on the top to make bombs. It’s important to spend on it as few moves as possible, in order to clear the spots, where squid are supposed to appear. It’s worth noting that 3-4 spots should be enough to meet this level’s objectives. The moves are few. Therefore, you should not make useless moves but concentrate on creating bombs (the bigger, t ...... More

Fishdom-Level 396 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

On level 396 you need to focus on clearing the passage to the portal for the pieces to go through. You don’t have to destroy all the crates but only those in the middle. Try to save as many moves as possible for the squids. Once you’ve cleared the entrances to the portals, try to destroy the crates in the corners for the squids to appear. Then use every possible move to match and save the squids. It will be easier if you don’t miss any opportunities for getting power-ups! More

Fishdom-Level 261 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

Level 261 is pretty difficult. The best strategy here is to collect big bombs. It’s not worth destroying stronger crates as there are no golden tiles underneath them. Instead, concentrate on the central part of the field, trying to collect bigger bombs here and detonate them in a way so that the explosions reach the gold nuggets. A Lightning power-up won’t be of much help on its own. However, if you manage to make a match of two lightnings, it will help you reach for the gol ...... More

Fishdom-Level 362 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

This level is not very difficult – the main task here is not to let the squid get in the side columns of three plates as that will lead to a loss. As for the rest, the usual combo-explosions and bombs will be very helpful and the Lightning power-up will work best for the chained pieces 🙂 Hope this will help you pass the level! More

Fishdom-Level 248 – Fishdom level walkthroughs tips

Level 248 is a fairly run-of-the-mill level on which you need to clear all the tiles. Try to concentrate on creating bombs, doing combo explosions (trigger several explosives together in a single move), charging the Lightning power-up (try to match two of them together whenever you have a chance) and making efficient matches (those that end up in breaking obstacles or creating a power-up). And of course don’t let the oil take up too much space. More