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How to match the hero line in Arena?-Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile lineup with heroes how to match Lords Mobile Arena Defense Heroes Raiders:   First, only consider the case of competitive civilians: hunter + roses + nurse + anger + gold fat 1, no gold fat cultivation of ice. 2, have the ability to replace the hunter night crow (rear professional play Tucker). 3, the night crow is more suitable for sports than the hunter, but the night crow in addition to competitive use, the other is useless, the hunter is an infantry bonus. Second, t ...... More

How to match equipment?-Lords Mobile Guide

Details as follows: Equipment to be divided into three sets (here I list 30-50 class equipment, and then add less low, rose to green on it, do not rise to blue and purple) (40 class shoes) or the battlefield killing (40 shoes), injury Ji (the level of shoes), the king of the Austrian chain armor (40 armor), the sea hunting proof (35 shoes) 35 weapons) or light and wisdom (27 weapons), Vomiting blood recommended: guardian of the bracelet (40 jewelry) will be out, 17 with two 2. R & D ...... More

How can I getting Started?-Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile Athletic City Heroes recommend competitive city defense hero how to choose Lords Mobile Mobile Lords Mobile (Lords Mobile) combines a fantastic RPG adventure and stimulating SLG campaign with an epic gorgeous battle to create a subversive strategy game. How can a young lord become a good king, let the “three minute ultimate Cheats” bring you the skills to build technology, heroes, and offensive and defensive campaigns. First chapter “internal affairs” ...... More

How to choose talent?- Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile equipment recommended equipment with how to match Lords Mobile details as follows: Talent in general to prepare two sets Fighting talent: all added to the military side, to reach Legion attack power 1 (5 points full), Legion Life 1 (15 o’clock) Legion Life 2 (50 points full) Legion Defense 2 (50 points full) And then talent point on the point of archers attack 3 (50 points full) Cavalry attack 3 (50 points full) Production talent: Production side Research 1 (10 points ...... More

When the lord was caught what should I do?-Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile – lords were caught by a stranger what should I do? Lords were arrested how to save back? Sometimes off the assembly line did not hide, came back to find the lords were arrested by a stranger to jail how to do? The app4vn editor give everyone to bring To Lords Mobile lords were arrested to solve Raiders, we come to see it ~ Recommended click: Lords Mobile City resources allocation Raiders how to allocate resources within the city 1, e-mail conversation, good attitude, ...... More

How to match the heroes of the arena?-Lords Mobile Guide

Lords Mobile Arena civilians how to match the heroes? Which heroes in the arena in the performance of relatively good? Xiaobian then for everyone to explain in detail Lords Mobile Arena defense hero with Raiders, like to brush the arena friends come to go ~ Lords Mobile how to match the heroes? Which heroes in the arena in the performance of relatively good? first, just consider the case of civilians in the case of competition: hunter + roses + nurse + anger + gold fat 1, no gold fat ...... More

How heroes match?Lords Mobile Guide

How about Lords Mobile? I believe there are a lot of players do not understand, Lords Mobile heroes with Raiders how heroes, interested little partners do not miss oh ~ guess you like: Lords Mobile game introduction game features list Frauder The fraudster is a role for the economy and resources. How to say? From his Legion skills to see down, and “shrink” have a great relationship. R & D speed, increase the upper limit of action, action to restore speed, research and d ...... More