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PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: What is the difference between a rookie and a great god? It’s clear to see these details.

In the game of eating chicken, the level of the position does not represent the technical level of a person. This game does not give a fair score to the individual like lol. In this game, as long as the dog can reach the end, it can also get a high. In the paragraph, the boundary between the gods and the rookie is not so strict, but when watching the live broadcast of the gods, Xiaobian still feels the gap. What is the difference between the god and the rookie? Xiaobian, this will take ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: Master advanced skills teaching, the next article, have you seen it?

hi everyone, then the last one, we went on to say that the following are some tips for stimulating the advanced masters of the battlefield. I want to play the exciting battlefield every day to eat chicken. After reading this, you will eat chicken. I believe we can come together. . 1By Buddha, when you shoot at the enemy, you will not have much change in the ballistics. When you are close to the enemy, you will suddenly fall to the ground. The enemy’s bullets will be instantly emptied ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: the best sniper point in the desert, find this place, you are the king!

Hello everyone, I am your embarrassing chrysanthemum! The terrain of the desert map is complicated, and the road idiot players are easily lost in it. After playing for a long time, the player may have symptoms of dizziness. In order to avoid this situation, it is important to find a safe place that can attack others. Today, the chrysanthemum will share a good place with everyone, but the chrysanthemum will not tell you where it is. You can find your own clues to see who can find it. ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: It’s not a problem to use these sensitivities to attack the trump card!

Eating chicken savvy strategy Eating chicken sensitivity strategy Chicken sensitivity strategy Chicken sensitivity strategy Chicken sensitivity strategy Chicken Sensitivity Strategy More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulates the most popular firearms on the battlefield. The first use of AWM does not change! The fourth cut is also the player’s favorite

In the game of stimulating the battlefield, the weapon system is very rich, from rifles to sniper rifles, there are many types, and after each major update, there will always be one or two guns as the new favorite of the version, adult air guns, but In the stimulating battlefield, there are so many firearms, no matter how the version is updated, they are still very popular! First: UMP9 To say which gun is best for a novice, I believe that many netizens will say UMP9. Although thi ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide stimulates the battlefield to create a new large guide

As a perfect copy of the mobile game, PUBG Mobile· exciting battlefield is undoubtedly the most popular FPS (shooting plus survival game). If you are planning to choose a large living sandbox with FPS mobile games, Then PUBG Mobile· stimulating the battlefield is naturally your best choice. So how do you actually change from a new to a big god in this game? If you want to be a god in this game, you can only rely on your own skills to become stronger. Become the king ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: The strongest operation of the gun is the rear-end bomb? Netizen: Xiu En love is!

Among the chickens, the skill that the player touches the most must be the pressure gun. Many players are eager to shoot all the bullets at the same point. I think this is the strongest operation of the gun, but this one. The player has an instance to tell us that it is the love of the gun! In the past, a player used his own powerful gun technology to directly shoot a standard red heart shape on a wooden wall with a bullet, and the bullet The distance between them is almost the sam ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: a comprehensive analysis of the advantages of first-person and third-person, which one do you use?

Stimulate the battlefield as a mainstream shooting game, the model is divided into first-person perspective and third-person perspective. The third person mode is on the line when the game is online. It is also the most familiar after playing for a long time. The first person is online for a slightly late time. Players who have not played FPS games are not used to the restricted perspective. These two modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today we will talk about the advant ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: a perfect gun, even if it is badly changed, it is still the player’s favorite

“Irritation Battlefield” is the most popular escape game in the Chinese market, and is loved by fans. Even many people abandoned “PUBG Mobile” to play “Stimulus Battlefield”, especially for some players who are not very capable. It should be much simpler than “Puzzle Battlefield” compared to “PUBG Mobile”, but the experience in the game is Not much difference. As everyone knows, if a game is too difficult, it will make ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: If the enemy has these equipments, you can completely understand your arrangements!

I don’t know when it started, the mobile game “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” seems to be more popular than the endgame “PUBG Mobile”. Many players have never played the end game “PUBG Mobile”, but they are addicted to it. You can’t extricate yourself in the game “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield”. Nowadays, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” has already had a tendency to compare the ̶ ...... More