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PUBG Mobile guide Rainforest Commando! On the Cultivation of Crisis Consciousness

Crisis awareness is usually the perception and resilience of the model to an emergency or difficult time. At this time, some friends must say it, and the whole thing is imaginary. You must know that the core of this game is sneak attack and ambush. This is indeed the case. In the Stimulus Battlefield, players should always be careful about the enemy鈥檚 sneak attack. In the game we You need to concentrate on finding enemies hiding in the map and knocking them out. But t ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Eye Trainer – Pistol Mode Finding Special Training

The game “Stimulus Battlefield” is quite high in mobile games, because it not only has to consider shooting, but also learns to find enemies, hides themselves, and even drives in the game. and many more. There are a lot of things to consider. I have been playing with a new friend who has been in the pit recently. He often tells me that this game is so difficult. Every time you fight, I can’t even find anyone, or I can never find where the enemy is. I deeply understand ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide, the new saying, the new version of the battle ideas

The version of “The Corps Showdown” that has spurred the battlefield in recent days has been launched. With the new version, the S4 season is about to begin, so at the end of the season, I will summarize it here. Some of the more common and effective operational ideas. I hope I can help you. 1. Be sure to memorize the roads in the game, such as the bridge of the military base, or the plain of the school district to the plains of the school. These key points ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide What should I do if I make a mistake? Calm analysis and reversal

In the exciting battlefield, the choice of placement is very important. There are many articles on the Internet that tell us that “jumping on XXX and then transferring to XXX”, in fact, there is no problem, but these contents are usually established. On the basis of our correct selection, what should we do if we have a mistake in the selection?? Waiting for death? There has never been a serious discussion on this issue on the Internet. With regard to fault toleranc ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Fun and up, S4 season versatile routine

The long-awaited S4 season has already begun, and the little friends are sure to start to get the most out of it. However, there is still a very uncomfortable thing in the process of getting the points, that is, landing into a box. . There are many factors that fall into the box, the wrong choice, the point does not find the gun, the corner meets To love…and so on. But the most important thing is to choose a point. If you want to not put it into a box, the easiest thing ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide road tactics re-verification, the guidelines for eating and drinking

In the previous content, I made some attempts on the road airborne play, but after all, the sample is too small, and it is slightly awkward to use it directly, so after many verifications, I chose A more representative battle to explain to everyone, I hope that friends can be more solid after the article. This time we are still heading straight to the road above M City. We can see very far when we are at high altitude. We can see it with a car at a glance, but I didn ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide with brothers on the importance of the unique wolf play

Once again, we are familiar with the seasons. Many of our friends are definitely getting started, but although it is the best way to open the black, it is still difficult to avoid single row in real life. Appeared, and in a single row, limited by the ability of teammates to accept information (such as 80% of players into the game will block the voice), in many cases tactical execution efficiency will drop a lot. Then, if you want to quickly leave the low segment, excellent personal abi ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Sanno map cloudy weather system debut, the rain is only waiting for you!

Strolling with the girl on a romantic rainy day seems to be a very romantic thing. But the chicken tells you that the most romantic thing is actually, in the romantic rainy day and the beloved sister, Sanno eats chicken! Everyone has been eating chicken in sunny weather, so how can you eat chicken successfully in the rain? Don’t worry, the stranger of the tiger’s teeth is a stranger to bring you chicken tips. Master the latest weather system in Sanno, take the girl to e ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Sano map cute new vehicle, open a small motorcycle romantic chicken!

After playing for so long, the chickens have to ask everyone a question. Everyone likes to drive a car on weekdays. Is it a three-wheeled motorcycle or a cool one? SUV? In fact, the favorite of the chicken is the latest debut of the scooter, especially carrying the girl to the beach to blow, don鈥檛 mention more romance! Please watch under WiFi Video from Huya anchor is difficult to say Stimulating the new version of the battlefield is on the line such a  ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide I heard that the enemy’s shooting method is accurate? Smoke bombs

In the game, throwing objects are an important item. The four kinds of throwing objects have their own merits and can help us achieve various tactical tasks. Among them, the most influential to the war situation is the smoke bomb. To say that the smoke bomb is useful? In fact, in the game, the smoke bomb can not directly kill the enemy, and the effect is obviously no grenade. But unlike grenade, the smoke bomb is one of the best defensive props, and if used properly, it will help us to ...... More