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Roller Splat Guide(Voodoo)

Roller Splat! is Voodoo’s latest attempt to keep you glued to your phone. It’s like a combination of Pinball and Splatoon, with you guiding a ball around a variety of different levels, covering them in a specific colour of paint. In practice, there are only a handful of levels, but you’ll complete them over and over again as you attempt to perfect your path through them. Manage to nail the number of moves required in a set amount of time, and you’ll get a perfect rating. Get a few of the ...... More

Roller Splat Tips And Tricks to Complete All Levels! (Voodoo)

American Top 10 in March most dowmloads game is Roller Splat .There’s some guides for us. Though the number of levels is limited in the game, players are challenged to perfect their playing skills by completing the levels repeatedly and reaching perfect ratings. You are expected to perform a specific amount of moves against a set period of time. Are you ready to achieve perfection and climb the leaderboards? Then keep reading for a handful of useful Roller Splat! cheats, tips and ...... More