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Fishdom-What do I do if I see an offensive name/picture? – Fishdom English game guide

There’s a special filter in Fishdom that blocks offensive words. However, some players find ways around those limitations. You may also come across an image (social network profile picture or something else) with inappropriate content. If you see something of that nature in the game, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support and attach a screenshot of the inappropriate content. More

Fishdom-Fair play policy – Fishdom English game guide

We put a lot of effort into trying to ensure that the game is fair and fun for everyone! Using unapproved applications that violate the gameplay rules is considered cheating. We kindly ask you to avoid using such applications and enjoy playing fairly. Third-party software Third-party software refers to applications that manipulate game progress. Installing such applications comes with serious consequences:– Altered game functionality (our system scans aquariums to detect unauthori ...... More

Fishdom-Our official communities – Fishdom English game guide

Here is the list of official Fishdom communities in social networks: – Facebook– Twitter– Instagram– Our forum– YouTube Those communities are the only places we publish news, share pictures, and announce contests for Fishdom. All other groups and pages have nothing to do with Playrix, so we cannot guarantee the credibility of the information provided there. Be careful, and only trust information provided in our official communities! More

Fishdom-Can I talk to my fish? – Fishdom English game guide

Unfortunately, not at the moment. But watch them closely, as they are always happy to share their thoughts with you. More

Fishdom-How do I watch videos in the game? – Fishdom English game guide

The videos you’re talking about only show up for a random group of players. They occasionally appear in your aquariums, only to disappear soon after. More

Fishdom-Can I trade diamonds for coins and vice versa? – Fishdom English game guide

Unfortunately, you can’t currently buy more coins. It’s an in-game currency you can only earn by beating match-3 levels and taking care of aquariums. You can buy as many diamonds as you want in the Store as an in-app purchase though. You can’t trade diamonds and coins for each other. More

Fishdom-How do I get more coins? – Fishdom English game guide

Coins are a type of in-game currency used to buy new decorations and, of course, fish. Here’s how you can get more of them: 1. Play match-3 levels. Beating them earns you coins.2. Feed your fish and your friends’ fish. Happy fish reward you with a few coins.3. Clean your aquarium on a regular basis. You’ll get coins as a reward. You can also sell decorations you no longer need.BEAR IN MIND, however, that your Beauty decreases with each sale and you’re only reimbur ...... More

Fishdom-How do I switch aquariums? – Fishdom English game guide

1. Tap the aquarium icon at the bottom of the screen to open the aquarium selection window.2. Scroll to the left or right to choose an aquarium set and then tap the aquarium you want to switch to. More

Fishdom-How do I get more diamonds? And why do I need them? – Fishdom English game guide

Diamonds are a type of in-game currency. You need them to buy in-game boosters, increase the amount of moves you get for levels, refill lives, etc. This is how you can get more:1. Unlock achievements: the harder the achievement, the more diamonds you receive. Tap the trophy icon in the left sidebar to see the achievements you have available.2. Earn stars: each one of them gets you diamonds.3. Connect your game to Facebook or subscribe to our news: doing either one will earn you diamonds. ...... More

Fishdom-Where do I store my decorations and fish? – Fishdom English game guide

You can always send decorations you don鈥檛 currently need to temporary storage: 1. Tap a decoration to open the menu below it. 2. Tap the box icon in the menu and the decoration will disappear. 3. You can find the decorations you’ve removed in the Store, where they’re marked Stored. Once you decide you want a decoration back: 1. Open the Store tab. 2. Tap the decoration you’re looking for. 3. In ...... More

Fishdom-How does the Gold Rush achievement work? – Fishdom English game guide

You need to collect gold nuggets by playing match-3 levels to reach the Gold Rushachievement. Keep in mindthat it requires gold nuggets rather than coins. More

Fishdom-How do I sell my decorations and fish? – Fishdom English game guide

1. Tap the fish or decoration to open the menu below it. 2. Tap the $ icon in the menu.3. Confirm the action. BEAR IN MIND that selling fish and decorations decreases your aquarium鈥檚 Beauty. More

Fishdom-My fish look upset. What鈥檚 wrong with them? – Fishdom English game guide

Your finned friends are probably just hungry. Tap the feeder icon in the bottom right part of the screen a few times. The fish will give you a few coins or a diamond to thank you. Also remember that newly purchased fish are usually very hungry! More

Fishdom-How does the To Loyalty achievement work? – Fishdom English game guide

You need to log into the game on a daily basis for a specified number of days to receive the To Loyalty achievement. Keep in mind that the counter resets if you miss logging into the game for a day. More

Fishdom-How do the Ark and Collector achievements work? – Fishdom English game guide

You need to collect a specified number of different kinds of fish in your aquarium to earn the Ark achievement. Keep in mind that having several of the same kind of fish still counts as just one species. You need to collect a certain number of different decorations in your aquarium to earn the Collector achievement. Keep in mind that multiple identical decorations are still counted as just one decoration. More