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Gardenscapes how to make more gold?

1. Download the game. 2. How much gold do you have? 3. Open the game first play, there will be gold, this time remember your number of gold. 4. Do not quit the game, do not quit the game! Directly click the icon of eight artifact, click meun key, select the dream garden. 5. Click on the icon of the eight artifact keyboard, enter your number of gold coins in the input box (the number of gold coins you previously noted), and then click Search, select automatically match a lot of data ...... More

Gardenscapes Guide How to play Gardenscapes?

I believe everyone is familiar with Gardenscapes, and it used to be on the PC platform. Now, the developers name the game, officially landing on the mobile platform. So fun? In fact, and PC-side play almost. The following dream dreams to bring you Gardenscapes play Raiders, I believe everyone will read this game will be very understanding. You may like: Lost Maze Lost Maze Graphic Raiders Gardenscapes is fun? It’s a three-hitter game, but has added a fun-to-play style to the ga ...... More

Gardenscapes Guide – How to brush infinite life?

Do not wait, do not have gold to increase the way of life: The first step: turn off the network Step two: turn off the settings and fantasy garden program, including the background! The third step: open the settings, adjust the time two hours, such as: the current is 1:00, the time transferred to 3:00 Step four: turn off the background settings, open the fantasy garden You will find that more than 4 life! Repeat the above steps after use, no longer have to wait for life! Common method: S ...... More