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PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Stimulate the battlefield version I am not a drug god, nothing is a drug

The recent movie “I am not a drug god” has broken the box office, which makes me blame the unfairness of the sky. It is not that the drug-selling box office is so high. Then, if I am stimulating the drug god, will it be in the box office? You guessed it right, in the stimulating battlefield, I am a god of medicine! It is illegal for the protagonist of the film to save his father from smuggling drugs. But in the stimulating battlefield, with my handsome and ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Fear to land in a box? You have to go to these wild areas of the island.

Landing into a box has become the most worrying issue for many novice players , in all major resource points are held by the gunmen of all kinds of guns today, Wanting to enter the mainstream resource point will undoubtedly make many players who are not good at shooting a way to end the game too early. In order to avoid the initial battle, most of the time we can also choose some wild areas, and sometimes there are many enemies in the wild area. Is there any position that can make ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Lying chicken cheats: playing games also requires brains, group command mode to understand

There are three ways to play in PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield: single row, double row and four rows. The single row and the double row are relatively simple, and the player only needs a little bit of cooperation, from the beginning to the end or just in the end. However, the four rows are completely different. Unless you are a complete savage team, if you are in a row with your friends, you must have the cooperation and tactics to make you eat chicken well, otherwise you can ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide interactive action optimization, this is the real perfect restore

Mode games, vehicles, and guns are all available. What’s worth paying attention to in the new version? Of course, there are some details in the game. Let’s talk about this. The details of the partial update brought by the minor version update, let’s take a look! [Open mirror and probe] 1. As the game time increases, the use of firearms is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the frequency of replacement of multi-mirrors is graduall ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Offense is the best defense! “Just” is the last word

What should I do if I encounter a fierce bullet offensive when I run? In the light of the idea that one thing is not as good as one thing, perhaps many people will choose to “take the best policy.” But, how can I allow others to shoot indiscriminately? Being hit as a target is a very hot thing. If you don鈥檛 stop and have a passion for them, how can you afford to eat your own chicken? The road to eating chicken is rugged, and there is a saying like this: All ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Real hardcore powder benefits, such a battlefield is exciting!

After the war mode of infinite resurrection of the crazy gun, the entertainment mode has added new members! In the face of a new competitive mode, I believe that the desire of everyone’s fingertips has long been unable to withstand it? If there are still people asking “What is the competitive mode?”, it is too uncomfortable! At first glance you are not a hardcore player. The so-called competitive mode, as the name suggests, of course, pays attention t ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Rainforest starting! Domestic precision shooter rifle helps to eat chicken

The new content of “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” is too much, and many players can’t digest it, so this time we will give you a detailed introduction for each of them. Check out the new QBU Shooter Rifle in the game. Here we first talk about The prototype of the QBU gun. Yes, in fact, light can be seen from the name! QBU and QBZ in the rainforest map are the same, which are among the best domestic weapons in China. If you want to say it accurately ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Real hard core mode!

Recently, “PUBG Mobile Stimulating Battlefield” has ushered in a major version update, among which the biggest impact on the battle mode and gameplay is the new competitive mode. So what is the difference between the competitive mode and the ordinary entertainment mode and the classic mode? Next, we will explain the new entertainment game mode game in detail for everyone. [Mode Features] I believe many players in previous versions Changes can ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Everyone is LYB, on the tactical changes brought by the player’s mentality change

Most players have been baptized in the first two seasons, both technically and tactically. Under this premise, players’ understanding of this game has not only stayed in “where to jump, where is the card”, more players have been continually groping and have mastered several sets of tactics that can adapt to their own conditions to greatly improve themselves. The rate of eating chicken. So today’s article will tell you about what changes have been made to the p ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Desert map has a lot of articles, feel a wild and unrestrained me

At first glance, it is monotonous yellow. The vastness of the desert makes every one of us feel tired and seems to never go out. But here is not an ordinary desert. The desert that stimulates the battlefield is full of strong western wilderness. I feel a breath in the city. That is the taste of the legendary Mexican barbecue. A few days ago, the inspector spent his sleepless nights and read the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign classics. Hard work pays off, acco ...... More