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PUBG Mobile, the whole army attacked how to parachute the farthest

Tags: Skydiving PUBG Moble is attacking the whole army, skydiving is the biggest problem players encounter. Jumping far away can help you avoid crowds and have a good start. The following is the guide to the most remote parachute operation in the Jedi. Breathing method: Press the skydiving button to release, then press the sky button to release, repeat the above process. Let the characters sway like a swing, this is the skill of flying long distance, also known as the “ ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s entire army attacked the main and auxiliary weapons with recommendations

Tags: scar, rifle, weapon Like the end tour, each player in PUBG Moble can carry a main weapon, a secondary weapon, a pistol, and a melee weapon. As well as a number of throwing objects, the excellent main and auxiliary weapons can be used to cope with various emergencies. The following are the ideas and recommendations for the new master’s primary and secondary weapons. Matching ideas First of all, generally your secondary weapon (ie the second gun) is determined accord ...... More

PUBG Mobile all the way to attack, how to walk quietly, novice Raiders

Unlike other games, eating a chicken game like PUBG Moble, you want to play well, you have to open the sound. PUBG Moble attacked the whole army because it is a mobile game, a small map radar will be added to assist players who do not have headphones to judge the enemy’s position. Then players who are alive, you have to learn how to reduce your own mobile voice, that is, walk quietly. You don’t hear your footsteps, it doesn’t mean there is no sound If you lie on the groun ...... More

PUBG Mobile army attack and skydiving downhill teaching

Tags: Skydiving Like the end tour, the skydiving jumps well, and decides whether you can get a good start in the PUBG Moble attack. This article introduces the parachute speed drop method for Meng Xin, which is how to land as quickly as possible. Old drivers can skip this article. Basic skydiving operation When jumping, please press and hold the accelerator key all the way. Acceleration key pull-up = long-distance flight state = slowest speed drop , the landing speed is 12 ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s whole army attack and sound defense teaching

Listening to the voice is a must-have skill for the newcomers. Although it is said that the PLABG Moble will have a small map radar to help identify the enemy’s position, it still cannot replace the position of listening to the voice. Then this guide will introduce you to the tips of listening to the voice. Who am I playing? Who is hitting me? This is the biggest problem faced by many newcomers to eat chicken. Suddenly, they were killed by guns who didn’t know which direction ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s army attack and poison advanced strategy

PUBG Moble is attacking the whole army. The safety circle will continue to shrink at intervals, and the safety circle is poisonous. Therefore, players must enter the safety circle in time. This is called “running poison”. When you master the law of shrinking circles and the skills of running poison, you can consider using the poison circle to take the head and eat the chicken. Let’s introduce the next shot of the poison circle! What is the blocking circle Use the rules ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s entire army attacked the most fat building inventory. Searching for these houses is right.

Tags: Building To eat chicken in the PUBG Moble attack, you must be familiar with resource points. Resource points have two meanings, one is a large map area, such as military bases, G port, and must be selected when skydiving. The other is the various types of buildings after landing. It is necessary to select relatively fat and multi-material houses to search for rapid development. Priority Search Building This kind of house is commonly known as a sea view room. It is the b ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s entire army attacked novices on gun skills

Regardless of whether you take the “just” or “squat” tactics in the PUBG Moble attack, it is inevitable to play against other players, commonly known as the gun. However, what about the new guns and the unstable hands? This article introduces some techniques for the quick shooting of players who have just started to eat chicken games or have not played FPS games. Before the actual battle, you must understand and have the following abilities: 1. Vision. ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s 6 tips for attacking novices

Running poison can be said to be basic skills, and many tactical styles can be derived from it. In the PUBG Moble all-out attack, the rules of the poison circle are exactly the same as the end-games, so let’s learn the basic skills of running poison! 1. It is recommended to run the poison early to the safe area, which is very stable. If you run late, someone will block you in front of you. 2. When you just play, you will make a mistake and brush your poison. You can see tha ...... More

PUBG Mobile army attack pistol R1895 illustrations

Tags: guns, pistols, weapons PUBG Moble has several kinds of pistols in the attack, R1895 is a revolver, the following is the R1895 performance attribute illustration, and the use of skill analysis. Gun type Pistol Ammunition type 7.62mm Ammunition capacity 7 round Clip expansion Unable to expand Rareness Rare Commentary Powerful, long range, high precision, slow rate of fire =Hit damage = Naked (upper body) Level 1 body armor Level ...... More