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Rules of Survival Guide | How to be the host of the city?

I believe many players can not extricate themselves once they have played” Rules of Survival”. The game has been online for a few months, and individuals in the game have their own personal preferences. Many players who just like to shoot their guns like to jump to places where many people go , To kill on the ground, but not every one can live out from the city. I also like to shoot a gun so when I jump, I like to jump in the beginning, or jump the city along the route, es ...... More

Rules of Survival what kinds of drugs are there?| Rules of Survival medicine analysis

Terminator 2 Judicial Day Drugs are very important resources, and many times these drugs are the key points of victory. What are the Terminator 2 Judgment Day medicines? The following Xiaobian for the players to bring Terminator 2 trial summary of drug summary. Usually called a bandage, reply 10 life, Very common, the recommendation is a big case of less drugs, try to use Fascination to fill. 2, hemostatic package immediately reply 50 life, this is a big medicine , When the crisis with ...... More

Rules of Survival which guns is strong? | Rules of Survival weapon

Shotgun controversy alone; you players still do not know which shotgun should be selected, then I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the three shotguns in the game now. Let’s compare the properties of M1887 and M870. In fact, M1887 we have a common name, that is, double hunt Σ 🙂 Gun, referred to as dual hunting, played CF should know it, the other not to control. Two guns basically the same data, dual hunting than the M870 is the place where the clip capacity is too ...... More

Rules of Survival how to discern position by sound? | Rules of Survival the sound Guide

Sounds Rules of Survival is a very important battlefield element. It is useful to understand the sound knowledge associated with the game. It focuses on the sound icon in the game. It is equivalent to the environment detector, Far and near, the direction of the content such as visualization of all the show, good sounding, like God help! Below, we analyze the use of the next subscript. First, the sound of the action. The cursor can now mark a variety of actions, as follows: (A) just sh ...... More

Rules of Survival Which is the bset weapon? | Rules of Survival the Useful arms

   Chicken screaming Chicken! Can stop the bullet Oh! When can accelerate to a certain extent!    Pans with chicken pattern can also stop the bullets, but the range is very small.    Bending can bend the iron, can not block the bullet Then I started to introduce their damage (all the same): Body: armor around 25 ~ 35: about 15 ~ 25 Head: Helmets around 50 ~ 75: about 45 ~ 50 Car damage fixed: 60 So screaming chicken and crowbar, pan! Which is more practical point, pe ...... More

Rules of Survival how to occupy Port of Rial? | To occupy the high point is most important

Rules of Survival The Port of Rial is the largest resource area in the game and also the site with the most players to jump. Tactically, it is an alley gun, a high point, a container LYB, a water Voldemort Almighty good place, below, I briefly talk about my experience in this area some experience. I. Introduction to Terrain According to the terrain, the port of Riyadh is a long and tortuous port where piles of hoisting platforms, messy containers, transparent dockyard warehouses and o ...... More

Rules of Survival how to skydiving taxiing?|Rules of Survival Skydiving skills

A good start often leads you to the lead. One step first, step by step first, take the lead in the simulation training for the knockout system is particularly important, you want a good start, then you must plan strategies, parachuting landing place is certainly one of the important part of planning, but many small partners do not Know landing tips are often lost, landing into boxes. “I’m sad inside, playing Chopin in the rain …” Do not despair! Tell you today how ...... More

Rules of Survival how to get the new gun Sniper rifle?

Rules of Survival The new sniper rifle, AS VAL, was acquired. The Rules of Survival will be updated on December 20, and will be added with AS VAL, this new weapon. Sniper rifle AS VAL acquisition method The new sniper rifle, AS VAL, can only be obtained by dropping supplies. Has two firing modes, can not be equipped with muzzle and quasi-mirror, accessories can only be loaded with a cartridge and care gills, comes with muffler and quadruple sight, 30 rounds of ammunition, and is still b ...... More

Rules of Survival How to bind your phone number? | Rules of Survival bind phone

Warriors, welcome to experience the Terminator 2: Judgment Day! Experience the game must be bound to the next phone number Oh ~ 1000 gold coins can receive it every month, the lucky value of the explosion table you 1000 gold is a rare Golden it !! Step 1: Click on the Settings button in the upper left corner of the lobby, as shown below. The second step: enter the basic settings interface, find the phone binding options, click to enter. The third step: fill in the phone number, get the ...... More

Rules of Survival Hack | How to Stealth?

Q: RULES OF SURVIVAL mobile games plug-in what? The player has many feedbacks including: 1, there is a gun in the run, still jumping, playing no response, but also saw a hanging Lamborghini in the sky fly, there are invincible plug-in, see people, can not afford to fight the blood. 2, similar to the stealth effect, I saw muzzle non-stop sudden sudden, that is invisible, still moving, no response to the gun shot, the result was ended 3, was killed by the wall, and finally can not see the enemy More