PUBG Mobile guide Wit the idea of ​​eating chicken! It’s easier to eat chicken with your brain

PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield is not just a shooting game. Compared to marksmanship, this game is more concerned with tactics. Therefore, tactics are very important in stimulating the battlefield. Today, we will explain some of the more flexible ways of playing. Tactics. [Fishing Play] As the name suggests, fishing is to use some high-quality materials as bait to lure enemies to pick up, and then to find the right machine. Hit to kill the enemy. ...... More

After the PUBG Mobile guide has a gun behind the gun? The Deadly Chicken Guide!

In the stimulating battlefield, we cannot control the location of the security zone, nor can we determine the location of the enemy’s parachute jump, or even determine whether or not we can find the gun when we fall to the ground. However, this randomness can bring us Each game experience is not the same, and These random elements often lead us into some unfavorable situations. Really powerful players must be able to flexibly cope with various unfavorable situations. Only in ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide The Road to the Strong, Picardy Violence Just Guns

In “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield”, the importance of the shooting method is . However, in the stimulating battlefield, the marksmanship is not a simple matter of aiming the enemy at gunfire because we face so many enemies in the game. Once we open fire on the enemy at the wrong time, we will inadvertently Expose his position and fall into the encirclement of multiple enemies. What I want to talk about today is how to make a reasonable shot in the game. In the sam ...... More

How important is the good position of PUBG Mobile guide?

Key words such as marksmanship and operation have always been the hot topics discussed by the big chicken friends. However, you must know that as a game that tests the player’s ability of , the strength of a single does not significantly enhance our skills. Level . At the same time, some good knowledge is needed. , For example, taking a position method, selecting points with a card, etc. Here we talk about why the players come together to talk about the importance of ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Tips to Maiman, Desert Winner Technical Essentials

In the desert map of the stimulating battlefield, because the vegetation is sparse, it is not conducive to concealment. Compared to the island map, the “Going to the ground and getting off the hook,” the desert game is played. The decision-making squad’s requirements for marksmanship and tactics are all even higher, so how can we win the final victory in the Desert Wolf trophy? The answer to this question is our content of this issue. Here is a very classic trump card. Lone Wol ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Explore the Nameless House on the West Side of Ipoh Desert

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the desert map is a peninsular terrain. Since the house area is not as concentrated as the island map, many of the desert maps are spawned. “123”, which is easily overlooked by players, is exactly what these unnamed houses hope to continue playing for the wilderness players in the desert map. Today we introduce a very subtle and material-rich region. I hope to help you play wild players. As you can s ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Lay Chicken Cheats: The new Sky Archers update. How should the three new grips be added?

Recently, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” has updated the new version of “Sky Down Jones”. The new version has been updated a lot for the game, in addition to adding a new “fast-paced” war mode. The contents and props of the game have also been updated a lot, especially the accessories for the weapon grip, which has increased by three in one breath. In the update of “The Heavenly Gradient Jones”, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefi ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide to make up for the shortcomings of the lack of marksmanship, novice card vision play teaching

PUBG Mobile: In the exciting battlefield , For many novice gamers, the biggest problem they face is shooting, and every time they encounter an enemy, they always have no problem. To fight back, and if the player wants to raise the marksmanship in a short time may be difficult, but we can use some skills to make up for the lack of marksmanship. [Card Horizon Teaching] The card horizon teaching is that players use the surrounding bunkers to hide themselves and ma ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Top 10 or not, related to these turning points!

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield” in which the situation changes, there are many tactical techniques to play, and there are also a lot of players entering the game’s errors and Dead corner. There are many key points in this process. If they are handled improperly, they are easily eliminated by the opponent. Let’s talk about the critical few turning point in the game. Initial The timing depends on the choice of where we wou ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide just gun details, outdoor bunkers know how much the gun!

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield,” guns are almost common to players, but The final defeats are unpredictable. There are many ways to increase the winning percentage of guns. One must mention the use of bunkers . In this issue, we will explain in detail how to use the common outdoor cover to increase the probability of winning a gun. Tree Except Outside the desert map, trees are the most common bunker in the island map. Excellent Nee ...... More