PUBG Mobile army attack submachine gun UZI illustrations

Tags: guns, submachine guns, butts Is PUBG Moble all-powered submachine gun Micro UZI easy to use? The following is a UZI performance numerical illustration and analysis of the use of skills. Gun type Submachine gun Ammunition type 9mm Ammunition capacity 25 round Clip expansion 35 round Rareness Common Commentary Compact, high rate of fire, easy to fat =Hit damage = Naked (upper body) Level 1 body armor Level 2 body armor Level ...... More

PUBG Mobile army attack submachine gun UMP9 illustrations

Tags: gun arsenal, submachine gun, weapon Submachine gun UMP9 is one of the favorite guns for novices. The following is the UMP9 performance numerical illustration of PUBG Moble, and the use of skill analysis. Gun type Submachine gun Ammunition type 9mm Ammunition capacity 30 round Clip expansion 40 round Rareness Common Commentary Novice player favorite, fast range, fast range, but damage Not high = hit damage = Naked (upper body) Lev ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s entire army attack Thomson submachine gun illustrations

Tags: Guns, Submachine Guns, Weapons, Thomson PUBG Moble All-out Thomson assault rifle is a powerful but difficult to obtain gun. The following is a Thomson submachine performance attribute illustration. And detailed tips on using it. Gun type Submachine gun Ammunition type .45ACP Ammunition capacity 100 round Folder expansion Unable to expand Rareness Airdrop only Commentary King of Melee = hit damage = bare (upper body) level 1 body ...... More

PUBG Mobile army attack shotgun S12K illustrations

Tags: Guns PUBG Moble is attacked by the whole army. The S12K comes from the AK47 gun family. With the accessories of the automatic rifle, it is indeed a shotgun. The following is a description of the S12K performance attributes and tips on how to use them. Gun type Shotgun Ammunition type 12Ga. Ammunition capacity 5 rounds Folder expansion None Rareness Rare Commentary Very high rate of fire, attacking artifact = hit damage = bare (upper ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s whole army attack single-row strategy

Single and four rows are the two most common modes of play in PUBG Moble’s attack. If you are new, or a single row, you need the following single-row strategy. Early Searching When diving, please be careful not to go to too many places, otherwise you may be left without landing. Killed. After landing, pay attention to the surrounding area. The primary goal is to shoot the gun and bulletproof vest, followed by the bullet backpack medicine, view the radiation range of the m ...... More

PUBG Mobile army attack brush painting point distribution map

The vehicle is an important material in the attack of PUBG Moble. After landing, you can quickly find the car, so you can use it in the aspects of running poison, chasing, and running away. From the distribution of the following brush points, it is obvious that the brush points are distributed along the road, and are dense near G Gang and G City. (Click to enlarge) [Random brush point] [fixed brush point] [ Random brush point] More

PUBG Mobile all-out attack newbie bag skills 捡What is good

Tags: Weapons The meaning of the bag is to smash the materials, of course, including the enemy’s equipment and props after killing the enemy. PUBG Moble is attacking the whole army. Novices often face a pile of materials and don’t know what is good. This article introduces the bagging skills for Mengxin, and recommends some of the highest priority essential materials. [Too long not watching version] Order order: Previous: Gun →Clothing→Head → medicine, bullet, ...... More

PUBG Mobile’s entire army attacked 10 guns advanced skills

Tags: bullets, weapons What should I do with the new pistol? After reading the following PUBG Moble all-out attack on the new pistol teaching, you can also become a sharpshooter! 1. Pressure gun The pressure gun is simply to move the muzzle while shooting. , to ensure that each shot hits the same point. This easy to get started is difficult to master, the difference between ordinary players and the great god can also be obvious. If you are a novice, try to get more practi ...... More

“PUBG Mobile All-out Attack” No. 12 shotgun bullets for guns

Tags: Equipment Library, Bullets, Weapons “PUBG Moble All Forces Attack” restores reality, different guns correspond to different bullets. The following is a list of 12 caliber caliber bullets and applicable guns. Matching weapon: S1897, S686, S12K Weight/fat : 1.25 Quantity: 10 Shotgun special bullet , usually we don’t It will be equipped too much, basically 20-30 is enough, but we don’t have too much equipment and it doesn’t mean ...... More

“PUBG Mobile all-out attack” 弩 arrow caliber bullets apply to guns

Tags: equipment library, crossbow, bullet, arrow, weapon “PUBG Moble attack” restores reality, different guns correspond to different bullets, the following is the introduction of the bullets and the applicable guns . For more equipment props, please check the equipment library! Matching Weapon: Crosshair Weight/Fax: 2 Quantity: 10 The single-weighted bullet is also a bullet that we basically don’t carry. Due to the extremely low usage rate of ...... More