PUBG Mobile guide is a desperate escape, counting the small routines that save our lives.

“Stimulus Battlefield” as a big escape type of mobile game, the core is survival and strategy, in the game we will use a variety of tactics to ensure that we get a higher ranking However, due to the large randomness in the game, we have great risks when using tactics. The risk in the game comes from all aspects. For example, when we started, we obviously jumped into a very fat place. But they can’t find the gun, and for example, we used to hide, but they were ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide M416 is no longer king? Assault rifle M762 new king debut

After the new version was launched, the family of the battlefield firearms was added to add a new member ——“the king of assault rifles>M762. Please watch under WiFi Video from B station GONG_YOYO The prototype of the M762 is an automatic rifle designed and manufactured by the Polish FB Weapons Company, using and The same 7.62mm bullet of AKM has a combination of M416 and AKM. It has four accessory positions, including muzzle, grip, magazine ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Want to fish in troubled waters? You should learn the following advice techniques.

The most common battle in the turbulent battlefield is confrontation. Because of the bunker relationship, once the enemy is not killed in the game, the enemy will use various bunkers to hide, and then the two sides will form a kind of person. I don’t dare to act rashly. This kind of confrontation is very unfavorable for any player. Because of the game mechanics, the safe zone is constantly shrinking. It is very likely that there will be a situation where the location is engulfed by the ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide, the narrow road meets the brave, the plain eats the chicken, you need to know these

In the game battle, the finals matchup is the most exciting, and some of the best (or the luckiest) players are concentrated in a small area to fight, whether it is just The Gun King or Voldemort must be careful to make every decision of their own at this time. In the usual finals, it is very important to occupy a favorable terrain. If there is a bonus to the fate of the circle, eating chicken is almost a hand. We do not rule out the luck of the finals, but one situation is ve ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide refuses to land in a box, landing guide

Landing into a box has always been a very taboo thing in the game. Due to the reason of stimulating the ranking judgment mechanism of the battlefield, the score of landing into a box is very serious, and the low segmentation is good, if the crown Or the trump card, the death of this plate, may have to work hard to play three sets before they come back. I don’t know if you find a rule in the game. The higher the position, the more people enter the finals. The less the reason, t ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Guarding and defending, psychological game

In the stimulating battlefield, the short-handedness of the squad is the most exciting, because the outcome is often in an instant, and the defensive advantage can often be scored as a 1VN. So today we will come to tell you about the psychological game of observing and defending, and hope to help everyone. Because the battles in the game are ever-changing, directly explaining some conceptual things will make everyone feel this article The content is very empty, so in order to ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Eat Chicken Essentials! How can I become a qualified 狙

There are many kinds of weapons in the stimulating battlefield. Rifles, submachine guns, and sniper rifles are all available. Each player can find a weapon type that he likes and suits his or her own. I believe that many players will be like sisters. Any shooting game loves sniper rifles. So what can you do to become a qualified sniper if you eat chicken? Want to be a qualified sniper, first You need to have a certain degree of aiming and shooting accuracy after opening the ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Deep thoughts triggered by persuasion

Life is like a complex of countless events. When you want to solve your immediate troubles, you will always have more troubles in the process… you want to get rid of the troubles, only See through the nature of the incident and solve the problem from the root cause! Just like “persuasion” in the battlefield, as long as the two waves of opponents in the fight are going to take the ticket, is there no one fighting? According to this line of thinking, we can sum up a lot ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: This is the correct way to open the airdrop

In the game, the grid and the bombing area can be said to be absolutely standard chickens. The two game mechanics are designed to limit the players. But there is a basic game mechanic that is to benefit the players, that is, a random random airdrop box. Airdrop box as official The player’s welfare, which will refresh all kinds of powerful weapons and equipment, such as AWM, M249, etc. These weapons are all super-killers in the chicken, and the ultimate equipment th ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Learn these tricks, Ma Ma no longer worried that I was overcast by Voldemort

In the stimulating battlefield, players can be divided into several categories according to the style of the battle. One of the players is the most controversial. These players are commonly known as “Voldemort”. Such players generally have excellent patience. After finding a weapon, they will find a cool and cold place. It will be a long time, waiting for the player to attack suddenly when he passes nearby. I believe that many players have been attacked by Voldemor ...... More