Last Day on Earth: Survival – New update: PvP, apartment, bonds and rent

Did you think that we’d stop at the point of just bringing back your favorite events? No way, we keep on going forward! The long-awaited battles with other players (PvP), as well as lots of other changes related to the crater are making their first appearance.But let’s start with something more or less peaceful. Now through the crater you can enter your own, yet small, but already cozy apartment You get access to the apartment and its improvement along with access to the metro, on the first level of the business. From now on you can also check the furniture store via the same metro. Wanna regularly see some new merchandise there? Continue to grow your business in the crater. Oh, apartments of other players can also be visited, by the way You’ll soon notice that some items for your home can be bought only for certain “bonds”, so what is it and how to get these? Another resident has appeared in the crater, the Warehouse manager; he will offer you another innovation, new storage rent system Storages can now be rented from real players, you will receive a place to keep your resources, and the player from whom you rent the storage will receive those very bonds. You require business level 40 at least, in order to rent out your storage for others with help of the Warehouse manager.How can you get bonds faster, you say? Well, they can not only be purchased in the in-game store, but also obtained for some successful PvP. Now, let’s move on to the most important thing, Nat the Fighter is now located next to the campfire in the crater, he will only speak to the survivor whose business level is no less than 15We’ll narrowly examine the rules of PvP in the next article (we strongly recommend that you read it before rushing into the first battle), however, in a nutshell:You find yourself on the map, with a large chest in its center, which does not open immediately, only after a couple of minutes instead. Whoever gets to the chest first will receive its precious contents, including dog tags, which can later be exchanged with Nat in the crater, for bonds as well. Dog tags can also be obtained by killing other players or zombies that are also lurking in the battle zone.That’s all, by the way, we definitely remember that you’re waiting for new seasons, but this time, as with the Chinese New Year, the new update is also not a new season. So yeah, there will be no Premium, daily or weekly tasks once again. However, all the contents of the update will further remain in the game, and the new season will definitely appear later 😉To join other survivors in Sector 7 and together explore locations around crater, you have to reach level 30 and complete a special quest.

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