Last Day on Earth: Survival – v.1.17.14: Bikers

The 15th season is slowly approaching, right now our good old bikers will help you prepare for it and simply brighten up your wait. Not only the camp of these disciples of the iron horses will appear on the global map (if the events are not present immediately, then try first to visit any other places), but also a couple of other new zones. If you’ve participated in the Chinese New Year celebrations, then the experience will be familiar. In the camp you can receive three tasks a day, and as a reward for completing them – the opportunity to look into the biker’s chest in search of something valuable. Required items, quest enemies or survivors can be found either in new locations or in ordinary resource zones, pine forests and limestone places. However, other tasks and Premium will appear later, when the 15th season begins. May the gastank be always full and the road smooth, good luck!

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