Rise of Kingdoms Guide: City layout strategy

When we are laying out, we must pay attention to the four major production units, one is a quarry factory, the other is a timber factory, and there are also farms and gold mines and other production factories. These can allow us to get a lot of resources later, so here we must find a way to plan out a production resource area. If we really put it on the left or upper side, it is better, and we can generally get a lot of resources by collecting. So there is no rush to arrange their positions in this way.

There are many special trees in the city, such as spruce. As a type of decorative tree, it can be eradicated and resources can be obtained. In the layout, when we arrange decorations such as roads and trees, we can also make the whole city look great and ingenious.

Treatment buildings like hospitals can be placed above the city. Generally, hospitals are used after large-scale operations, so they are not usually used. If most of our time we spend most of our time replenishing our energy and herding sheep and accumulating resources, then this type of building. It can be placed in some inconspicuous places, such as castles, blacksmith shops, and city halls. These buildings are things that are often used, so they should be placed in the core position. The military training camp and the academy should be placed on the right. Side or left side, left and right side of the core position can be used, these positions should be opened as much as possible.