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When just landing

When just landing without any weapons, all the props are very important. Compared with throwing weapons such as grenade and Molotov cocktail, pistols that can fire quickly have better life-saving capabilities, and there is no shortage of single-shot damage such as Desert Eagle. A very high pistol, if used well, it is not impossible to take a human head with the pistol at the landing stage.

Quick and safe transfer

It is well known that running speed is slower when holding a gun, so when running into a safe zone in a hurry and there are no vehicles, most players will choose to put the gun away and run fast. But we need to guard against a situation. If we encounter an enemy sneak attack on the way into the safe zone, we are running empty-handed without any counter-attack means, it is still more dangerous. At this time the role of the pistol is reflected. Running with a pistol will not slow down your movement speed, but it can also serve as an emergency against the enemy in the face of emergencies. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Quickly switch guns

When materials are abundant, most special forces will choose a rifle + a sniper rifle to deal with medium and long-distance battles. But in the case of close combat, there is often a stalemate. If the magazine is empty and the enemy does not fall down, you often have two choices. One is to change the bomb, but even the fastest M416 takes 2.2 seconds. If it is a little bit more extreme, Equipped with a rapid expansion magazine, it also takes 1.5 seconds to change the bomb, which is more dangerous if it takes too long. The second is that if you choose to sniper, if you have an empty gun, it is easy to be killed by the enemy, and the risk is too high. At this time, it’s the pistol’s turn to play. It only takes about 0.5 seconds to switch the pistol. The speed is faster than the reload, and the sniper is more stable. Shoot two more bullets to take away the enemy.

Save space

Many special forces may think that the backpack is not enough, and it takes more space to bring an extra pistol? In fact, the pistol itself does not occupy the backpack space, and the situation mentioned above that requires the pistol to quickly take away the opponent will not happen many times in a round. It is enough to prepare a magazine for the pistol, and no spare bullets are needed. .

Secondly, the accessories installed on the pistol also do not take up the space of the backpack. You can install the temporarily unused red dot sight to the pistol, which can save a certain amount of space. The magazine clip in the pistol can also be used as a reserve bullet. If there is not enough space in the backpack or a little space is not enough to pick up key materials, it will bring you unexpected results.

The above is the pistol strategy for this time. Does it bring new ideas to the special forces? Which pistol is the favorite of special forces? Welcome to tell us in the comment area!