Crusaders of Light – What is Field Event ?

Where is it : Go the Map in the upper right of the game screen to see the Field Events which are open randomly. The gold exclamation marks on the Map (in the upper right corner of the game screen) indicate the field events are locked. The field event name will show on the map when being activated by your friend. Number of Players to join : A team or solo. Notice of the field event may pomp up to those players around the event area to fill in the team lack of members.  Level Requirement : Some Field Events have character level or the reputation level requirement.Time limit : Players will automatically leave the uncompleted event when the time is up.Reward : gold, silver, Character Exp, Talent Exp, reputation points, gems, etc. but only the first two times will offer rewards. Each entering to the field event will be counted as times even if the event is not completed.