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About Ranked Game

Seasons Each season will last 1 month. When the season is over, Ranked Game results will be tallied, and all players who took part in Ranked Games will receive rewards based on the highest tier they reached that season. Unlock Requirements When players reach Lv 8, Ranked Games will be unlocked. Players who own 5 or more heroes will be able to take part. The system will automatically match players up against opponents of equal strength. Tiers There are 6 tiers in all: #Warrior, #Elite, #Master, #GrandMaster, #Epic, and #Legend. When players win or lose in ranked games, they will also get or lose stars. When a player has full stars for their current tier, they will be promoted to the next tier upon their next victory. Likewise, if a player has no stars, the next time he or she loses will result in a demotion. Stars will not be taken away from players in Warrior tier. After entering Legend tier, the system will run a check once every 7 days. If the player has not taken part in a ranked game within 7 days, then a star will be taken away. Play Ranked Games with Friends You can play ranked games with friends, but you cannot invite a friend who is more than 2 tiers away from you.