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Find Lost/Old Account

Open Mobile Legends app>click personal profile avatar>click Customer Service>1.Account Problem>1.Account Lost>Retrieve Lost Acccount>Fill in, please include more details.>CS technical staff will assist you. keep online, account verification.

How to find lost account? the appeal/new account is yours, then just provide complete information, you can see the pic below. Before everything, First you Bind your appeal/new account to at least two of your social accounts  including FaceBook,Google Play,VK, Game Center account, then ask Customer Service for help, they can switch the binded social accounts from your appeal/new game account to you lost game account, you will keep both game accounts, after that you can login the appeal/new game account and switch to binded social account, after that follow the prompts, you can login your lost game account(I cannot directly bind your social account to your game account, Only switch your social account from game account A to game account B) If you bind your appeal/new account to only one of FB VK GC GP, I will assist you to retrieve your lost account, the same time you will lose your appeal account. If you bind nothing, I won’t encourage to do so.      The key is you have to bind social account to any game account which is available To increase efficiency, you provide The Needed Info:

1. Provide me with ID number and Server number including lost and new/appeal/related account. Appeal account is the one you use on CS. You can find Server number behind ID nummber, inside the parentheses.

2. All related devices, info including device type, system version

3. All related social accounts, including FB, VK, GC, GP

4. All In-Game info, including in-game name, the last login time, the registration date, the number of diamonds, tickets, Battle Points,  all game friends’ info you can recall,  all heroes, all skins,


ID Number    Server Number   Lost Game Account  37395427  3208  New Game Account  (I need this info)   (I need this info)

You can find Server number behind ID nummber, inside the parentheses.

so my ID Number is 37395427, my server number is 3208.

wish you get your lose account soon. : )