[Mobile Legends] -I have no credit card. How can I buy diamonds? – [English]

I have no credit card. How can I buy diamonds?

How can you make in-app purchases without a credit card? Aside from credit cards, Google Play offers alternative payment methods in many countries:

Gift Cards and Discount Codes



1. Gift Cards can be purchased at supermarkets, bookstores, newstands, etc.

2. Scratch off an area on the back of the card to reveal the discount code.

3. Enter the game and tap the diamond sign next to the $ sign to view purchase packs and their prices.

4. Tap the _Buy_ button and Google Play will automatically display a credit card payment option, but you can tap on the little arrow next to it to change payment options. Then tap the second option to activate your code.

5. Enter your code and then confirm the purchase.