Month: March 2019

How many levels for Color Bump 3D?

Color bump newcomer Compared with the casual gameplay, the screen uses the bump 3D design. These bumps will be the hardest part of the game. The game starts with the player needing to manipulate a white ball and escort the ball to the finish line.

Drive and Park Guide newest

Introduction to Drive and Park: 1) Side parking is a must-have skill for the driver. However, there are not many people who can drift in the downtown area. You only need to press and start to drift, turn around, release the brakes, and then you

Roller Splat Guide(Voodoo)

Roller Splat! is Voodoo’s latest attempt to keep you glued to your phone. It’s like a combination of Pinball and Splatoon, with you guiding a ball around a variety of different levels, covering them in a specific colour of paint. In practice, there are only