FarmVille – How do I train my Exotic Animals?

In order to train Exotic Animals, you will need to collect Elixirs first. You can get Elixirs as a reward for completing deliveries from the Boat Harbour or by buying them from the Merchant.Tap the Exotic Animal that you want to train, then tap the Info button. Alternatively, you may also visit your Exotic Animals from the Animal Collection.Then, tap the Train button for the Exotic Animal that you would like to train.You will see the current Level, Power, and Skill of your Exotic Animal. Tap the Train button once more and you will see all the Elixirs you’ve collected. Tap the Elixir to select it from your collection, then tap the Train button using Coins.You can select multiple Elixirs and combine them with different types of Elixirs from your collection.Training Exotic Animals with Elixir increases their Power and Level. Exotic Animals can be leveled up to Level 10. Once the maximum Level is reached, you can sell your Exotic Animal for a great prize.


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