CSR Racing 2 – 2.12.1 & 2.12.2- Game Release Update

Update 06/26We have now fully released new update version 2.12.1 on iOS and 2.12.2 on Android. These updates are to address and resolve the crashing issues players experienced on 2.12. We highly recommend to update to the latest release as soon as you can to get the best CSR 2 gaming experience.Please trust us that those impacted will receive appropriate compensation next week.Thanks again for your patience and your overwhelming support for racing.See you on the track!We wanted to apologize once again for our last 2.12 update. We know it didn’t meet yours or our expectations. Over the last few weeks we’ve been working hard to make things better. Today, we are beginning to roll out the 2.12.1 update to Android players and we’re looking to release the same update to iOS users as soon as possible. Please make sure to update to version 2.12.1 when it becomes available to you. We expect this update to make small improvements within the game, however it won’t resolve some of the major issues from the 2.12 release. The improvements we have made, adding extra data collection logs, will hopefully help us identify and fix some of the underlying issues some of you are still experiencing. Here is a list of issues that still exist:Once again, thanks for your patience.


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