Dawn of Titans – New Alliance Event Type: RAID BOSS

Raid Boss Events are finally here! This new event type requires you and your Alliance to work together to deal damage to a Raid Boss Titan over a number of levels of increasing difficulty, in order to win powerful Rewards for everyone in your Alliance.What are the requirements to participate?You must be:

  • Castle Level 10 or above.
  • A member of an Alliance.

How to play?During the Raid Boss Event, you and your Alliance members will be tasked with battling against a formidable, uniquely-skilled Titan on a dynamic battlefield, with invoke effects, spells, and reinforcements standing in your way.For each battle, the amount for damage you deal to the Raid Boss Titan’s health gets converted into Points, which are then added to an Alliance Total.Once your Alliance reaches a certain number of points, the Plinth Level of the Raid Boss will increase, triggering a tougher battle and a new Points total to reach before unlocking the next level.The Points required to complete each level are:

  • PLINTH LEVEL 1: 150,000 Points
  • PLINTH LEVEL 2: 600,000 Points
  • PLINTH LEVEL 3: 1,500,000 Points
  • PLINTH LEVEL 4: 3,750,000 Points
  • PLINTH LEVEL 5: 5,500,000 Points

What are the rewards?Rewards for participating in a Raid Boss event are granted at the end of the event. They are given to all players in the Alliance that met the entry requirements (Castle Level 10 and in an Alliance) and achieved at least one Point whilst the event was live. No rewards (aside from battle drops) are given out whilst the event is active.Players receive rewards for each level their Alliance manages to defeat whilst the event is active. For example, if your Alliance reaches Plinth Level 4, but does not complete that level before the event ends, you will receive rewards for Plinth Level 1, 2 and 3.Upon conclusion of the event, rewards will appear in each player’s Treasure Room, ready for collection.Where can I send my Feedback about the Raid Boss Event?We want to hear from you! Once the Raid Boss Beta concludes on Wednesday 8th April, please contact us with your feedback via our social channels here:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

And as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!


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