Boosters – Snoopy POP Guide

What are Boosters?Boosters are items that can be used during a game to provide extra help. Purchasing boosters are available in In-Game (located at the bottom of your game screen). They are located at the bottom of your game screen.Super AimActivate the Super Aim booster to extend the standard aim-line into a longer, infinite one that shows the Shooter Bubble’s path through bank shots, lending for easier gameplay. The Booster lasts the whole level! Beach Ball BurstActivate the Beach Ball Burst Booster to match with any color bubble on the board! Super SwapActivate the Super Swap booster to see an extra bubble in your queue! Helps you plan your strategy better — gives you more match options each turn! Fireworks FinaleActivate the Fireworks Finale Booster to clear a large section of the puzzle – Up to 11 rows!


Bubble Shooter: Snoopy POP! – Bubble Pop Game GUIDE