How do I rank up in GO Battle League Season 4? – Pokémon GO Guide

There are 10 possible ranks in Season 4 of GO Battle League, and how to increase your rank depends on your current ranking.In rank 1, you can improve your rank to rank 2 simply by playing matches, regardless of whether you win or lose. In ranks 2-9, Trainers can improve their rank by winning battles; losses don’t count against one’s progress. Trainers who reach ranks 9-10 can see their rating, a number that indicates one’s performance in GO Battle League relative to other Trainers. Trainers are matched with other Trainers according to their current rating for more competitive matches.To reach rank 10, you must increase your matchmaking rating. Starting in rank 9, losses will begin lowering your matchmaking rating, though they won’t lower your rank. You’ll need to maintain a relatively high win-loss ratio to increase your rank. Rank 10 is the highest rank and requires a rating of 3,000 to attain. Trainers who reach rank 10 can continue defeating other Trainers in Go Battle League to increase their matchmaking rating.


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