Heroes Evolved : Guan Yu Skill and Item Build Guide – Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tips

Guan Yu is a melee, disabler and carry with abilities such as Double Blow, Unstoppable Force, Art of Warfare (passive) and Crescent Blade (ultimate).

Skill Build

Double Blow [Q] – Guan Yu speeds up and splits into two, joining together to deal a heavy blow to the enemy target. Stuns enemies for 1 second. Mana Cost: 80. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Cast Range 800. Physical Damage: 125/175/225/275. (Prioritize leveling this up next to ultimate)

Unstoppable Force [W] – An unstoppable aerial shot that targets a single enemy for heavey damage within a specified range. This ability also helps Guan Yu escape danagerous areas. Mana Cost: 100. Cooldown: 8 seconds. Cast Range: 1000. Radius: 300. Physical Damage: 170/220/270/320.

Art of Warfare [Passive] – Guan Yu’s mastery of war grants a higher chance to deal a critical strike and dodge enemy attacks. The best defense is a good offense. Dodge Chance: 7%/10%/13%/16%. Bonus Critical Chance: 5%/8%/11%/14%

Crescent Blade [R] – Guan Yu’s draws on his dragon heritage for 5 seconds. With a roar, a single enemy target is engulfed for devastating fire damage. Magic immunity is granted for the duration of this ability. Mana Cost: 150/200/250. Cooldown: 90 second. Radius: 400. Physical Damage: 120/180/250 per second.