Heroes Evolved : Cleopatra Build and Strategy Guide – Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tips

Cleopatra is very fun to play due to her burst damage, crowd control (paralyze), HP regen and cooldown reset. As a mid laner this hero will help your teammate from other laner to get fed or you can simply take the kill and carry the entire team. As a mid you must have an over all map awareness from top, bot and including jungle. You will see that most advanced players knows when to go roving or focus on CS. That is a common mistake for mid laners once they get fed by kill they are busy walking around the map and forgetting creep score which will be a big downside in the late game. For the case of Cleopatra you will never find going for creep a difficult thing to do as her kit has AoE damage good for spamming..

Also what I really like with Cleopatra is you can simply redeem her from Heroes Evolved Promo Codes together with Titanus, Tiamat, Jeane, and Peaches.


Claw Sand – This is your bread and butter that can do 250 magic damage (+60% spell power). This proc greatly with your ultimate that can refresh the effect.  6 seconds cooldown. Max it first.

Sand Blast – This your main skill for crowd control. Sand Blast can paralyze all opponents by 1.5 seconds within 600 range. Good to intercept attack as well as a setup for your combo. This skill consumes lot of mana so you don’t to upgrade it all. Also you must save this skill for all-in combo or by interrupting lethal spell from your opponent. 10 seconds cooldown.

Curse of the Sand – This is your sustain in laning that is capable of dealing 300 magic damage (+80% spell power), and boost 50% damage from any of her ability that will be converted to HP. This skill takes 5 seconds to go the full effect. 5 seconds cooldown.