Heroes Evolved : Aiden Strategy and Build Guides – Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tips

Because of popularity of MOBA in mobile games, thanks to Mobile Legends we believe that there will be lot of players are going to look for guides. So today I want to share guides that I used to know from expert of using Aiden Heroes Evolved. This legend is perfect for those who loves to be a carry. And as a carry you must know your role, your limitation and your advantage in game. It is more than a call as you have the most rewarding yet difficult role in MOBA. Upon using Aiden, you must know how to kite, perfect CS, positioning, focus fire, and itemization. This goes with other carry, we all know that they are very item reliant as the result of the end game. That is why carry needs support to feed him well and aid in teamfight. You can check this general guides for Heroes Evolved and for Aiden strategy and build guides, you can continue reading below:


Binding Arrow – Fire an arrow to trap the target in place for 1 second and deal magical damage. Thearrow traps another enemy unit nearby the target in a 500 radius, and increases trap duration to both affected units.

Afterimage – Creates an illusion of Aiden that deals damage to nearby enemy units. Illusion lasts 10 seconds and can take 300% damage. Aiden may cast this ability again to exchange place with the illusion in a 2000 range. Illusion disappears after exchange.

Bullseye – Increases bonus attack damage and attack range to targets affected by Binding Arrow.

Rapid Fire – Aiden absorbs natural energy to gain 150 Attack Speed and increase attack range to 1800, though with a reduction to his attack damage. Aiden cannot move or use gear during Rapid Fire.

Item Build