Heroes Evolved : Ares Strategy and Build Guides – Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tips

Known as one of the best duelists in game that his kit focus on damage dealing abilities. He is good in zoning out and locking down heroes and kill them helplessly in duel. As a personal preference. I like to build him a tank so I can be front and survive longer in teamfight. I don’t need additional damage anymore from my item as Ares has natural growth for damage when it comes on his based stats and abilities. You can check his abilities below:


Battle Axe – Ares powers up his next 3 Basic Attacks, dealing bonus damage and doubling that Bonus Damage on every attack he hits. The Damage does scale with your AD so this is the main source of Burst Damage that Ares has, and can win him pretty much all trades in lane. This ability is your bread and butter because of its low cooldown and mana cost.

Divine Shield – Ares hit the ground and deal physical damage in a cone in the target direction, gaining a shield for each Enemy Hero hit by it. The Damage scales with ability power instead of physical damage. This what makes other Ares users to build him with ability power so it will scales the shield which is good in building him a tank.

Boots of Speed – This is Ares skill for gap closing. Upon activation all slowing effect against him will be removed and grainting him an immunity to slow effects. This will also gives him a 24% bonus movement speed for 5 seconds. As you can see mobility is one of the weaknesses of Ares and only this skill can gives him a plus factor. Use it wisely as this can be a make or break for him to initiate, all in, and assassinate. This skill has also a passive boost that gives him a bonus attack speed  and movement for every attack that can be stack up to 3 times.