Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tricks – Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tips

After having fun in playing MOBA in mobile device such as in MOBA Legends and Mobile Legends, we decided to expand our list for a new multiplayer online battle arena game with Heroes Evolved. Unlike with the said two games, HE can be played in PC with stable graphics and features. The game published by R2 Games which is known from their League of Angels. To compare this game with other simple MOBA, Heroes Evolved has lots of heroes/characters and items to play on. But first you need to unlock and this is by either playing the game or spending money on it. If you want to stay casual, you can just play the game using a free hero rotation.

Just like how we play and dominated other MOBA from DotA to League of Legends, we are here to share to you strategy guides for Heroes Evolved:

1. Focus on mastering hero. Please don’t get me wrong when I say focus, it is not about not to play all available heroes at all but to spend most of the time on the hero you like the playstyle and works the mechanics on you. You don’t need to master all heroes at once even in ESport most players there are using same hero in the league based on the current meta as well as team composition. This is a must especially if you are playing in ladderboard/rank wherein you need to use your best pick. In mastering a hero this will benefits you a lot from mechanics, prediction, creep score, build, team synergy and counterpicking. Just practice same hero in several matches until you are comfortable on using it against different opponent.

2. Practice perfect Creep Score (CS). This is a must in playing MOBA as this is very important in game. You need not to miss any last hit. There are tricks in getting the most CS in MOBA and this is by mastering your hero as what we mentioned above, countering your opponent,  and build familiarity.

For mastering your hero, this will gives you idea how damage you can go based on the level as well as the item you are using. Just play on several or even hundred of matches using one hero so you can master last hitting creeps. Now for countering your opponent, you need to get much experience in several match up so you know the CS capability of your opponent. This will help you when to do CS or when to kite/attack them. And for the build, you need to experiment on the build that works best on you. Now play on the same build on different matches as you need to understand the damage of each build you progress. Keep in mind that different items leads to different damage which gives you a different experience in doing CS.

3. Do not extend too much from your tower. This is a common mistake for players who believes that they dominated the lane. Although there is circumstances that you can do extend but in general it will be better if you remain humble in the lane with your tower. The longer extension you do the better the chance for enemy to gank you. As a main jungler this is enough reason to take advantage and gank the laner who extend too much from their tower.