Heroes Evolved : Jackaroo Skill and Item Build Guide – Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tips

Jackaroo is a melee, nuker and ganker. His main abilities are Heavy Punch, Sliding Tackle, Fist of Flurry and Boxer’s Intent.

Skill Build

Heavy Punch (Q) – Jackarro shakes a heavy first, granting bonus physical damage to his next 2 attacks in 5 seconds. The second attack deals critical damage if 2 attacks are on the same target. Mana cost: 50 / Cooldown: 6 seconds / Bonus Damage: 50/85/120/155.

Sliding Tackle (W) – Performs a sliding tackle in a target direction, leaping behind the first enemy hero to deal physical damage and slow 40% movement speed for 3 seconds. Cooldown for this ability is reset by an enemy hero kill or assist. Mana cost: 60 / Cooldown: 8 seconds / Cast Range: 1000 / Damage: 100/160/220/280.

Fists of Flurry (E) – Jackaroo blocks stun and movement slow debuffs for 0.75 second, reducing incoming damage taken by 75%. Afterwards, deals counterattack in a target direction, dealing physical damage and stunning enemies for 0.75 seconds. During the block period, every 12 Hp lost increases 10% counterattack damage with 100% maximum cap. Mana cost: 75 / Cooldown: 8 seconds / Cast Range: 1100 / Radius: 400 / Damage: 100/160/220/280.